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Not simply about force

It seems as though perhaps that the writers of this story arc are appealing to those that love to see hero fight hero.  In the previous issue we got to see Supergirl versus the Flash and now it is the battle of all DC female against female battles – Wonder Woman against Supergirl.  The presentation here is interesting.  As usual in such a battle there is a really good reason for one hero to be fighting the other and one of them holding back out of respect for the heroes themselves.   The battle unfolds in a pretty engaging way, though it is still pretty early in the new 52, and to this point such thing as the relative power of Wonder Woman and the Kryptonians has not been defined.  It seems to be here as the characters boast (unintentionally) about what they are capable of.  I am unlikely to read the conclusion of the story, but this issue in itself was fun, and perhaps even historically relevant as the two characters rarely come to blows. 

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    Oh my god, I love this cover. The green is a powerful color choice, in fact a lot of the recent covers have had strongly color-dominated backgrounds, but this one stand out even more due to the unique perspective. The titular Supergirl is seen only by her arms, as we see the 'enemy' Wonder Woman from Supergirl's point of view. It's a very delicate balance between us as readers seeing Wonder Woman in danger, and us through Supergirl seeing her as a powerful threat. Her legs look a little off, but...

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    I became a fan of Supergirl after watching her in Smallville and then watching her in the animated movie Superman/Batman : ApocalypseSupergirl series from the new 52 is one of my favourite DC titles and this issue is my favourite comic from the series.In this issue Superman was fighting H’el, while Supergirl was fighting Wonder Woman. The encounter between these ladies was quite interesting, even though the fight didn’t last long, it was quite encounter.I can certain understand why ...

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