Supergirl #17

    Supergirl » Supergirl #17 - Bloodletting released by DC Comics on July 2007.

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    Guest-starring the JLA, JSA, Robin, and Wonder Girl as Kara battles friends and foes who have been taken over by evil entities from the Phantom Zone! And wait until you see who shows up on the last page!

    Supergirl is getting overwhelmed by the people affected by the phanotms. They are trying to attack her while others like Mr. Terrific and Martian Manhunter are affected differently and just stand around questioning themselves. The voices are telling her she needs to end the Curse of El and kill Kal-El. Supergirl's powers are still a little shaky and she try to brush off the attackers without hurting them. Her only choice is to fly away.

    In trying to fly, Supergirl discovers that she can't. She merely manages to jump a distance away. She lands in front of Sarah, a friend she made when she was trying to fit in high school as a normal girl. Sarah is possessed but tells Supergirl how everyone blamed her for Supergirl leaving the school. She tries to talk to her but is quickly taken away.

    Wonder Girl is not happy that Kara has been keeping secrets from her. She wonders why she still has powers under the red sun. She says best friends shouldn't keep secrets from each other. As Cassie attacks her, Supergirl tries to go easy because the phantoms are affecting her. Cassie tries using her lasso around her and says she needs to tell the truth. She asks Kara if she thought she was weak when Connor died. Kara says yes. She asks Supergirl if she thinks she's stronger and better than she is. Kara says yes. She asks what her deepest, darkest secret is. Kara tells her that she was sent to kill Kal-El and that she does want to do it so her father will be proud of her, as tears stream down her face. Cassie reminds Supergirl it's Wonder Woman's lasso that makes you tell the truth, not hers. She says that Supergirl is not a threat to anyone.

    Supergirl flies to see Batman to figure out a way to stop the phantoms without killing the host. He is locked inside the Batcave and Robin shows up to attack her. He says Bruce isn't her father and she can't have him. Tired of getting attacked by everyone, Supergirl lashes out at Robin. The crystal formation on her fist slashes Robin's stomache. She apologizes for what has happened but it turns out that Robin is beginning to get his senses back. She tells Robin she needs to find Superman because he is the key to all the phantoms and possessions. Robin gives her a device that will allow her to track him.

    In Metropolis, Superman scares away some possessed humans. He is forced to wear a suit to compensate for the red sun. He asks the phantoms why they won't fight him. He wants to be able to help his people on Earth. Supergirl flashbacks to a conversation with her father. He tells her that she has to kill Kal-EL in order to save the planet. Superman finds Kara standing holding a crystal. She chooses not to kill him. Nearby, two figures watch. The woman calls the man "Zor-El" and says she is determined to know Supergirl's mind and what path she will choose.

    Supergirl and Superman talk. He tells her how the red sun came suddenly. How people were affected by the phantoms. He can hear the voices but as long as he's wearing the suit, the voices don't overwhelm him. He asks her how she survived and why she left before. Superman is grief-striken that the phantoms followed him and that more and more people are becoming infected everyday. He wants Kara to kill him and to tell Lois that they had no choice.

    Holding a crystal shard over him, Supergirl can't do it. She says he is the greatest man she has ever known and that they have to find a way to stop the curse where their fathers couldn't. They are interrupted by the appearance of...Supergirl claiming that Kara is not the real one.



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    Finally, the start of something good... 0

    ok... for the past few issues we have been treated to the storyline about the crystals in Kara Zor-El, and the fact that she is 'supposed' to kill everything has finally been tipped on it's head, but i'm getting ahead of myself.this issue actually felt right for once, the artwork and script actually fit together, which is something that has been sadly lacking from the Supergirl series so far. is all i finally felt some 'hope' for the series at last.The artwork done by Garza, Alquiza...

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