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Like the other issues in the H’el story arc from Supergirl, I am, only reading the Supergirl part of the story which is spread out over a few other series.  In that case I sort of skip ahead with the plot while looking at individual events.  This issue essentially looks at a smaller part of a battle of the Justice League against H’el and here the Flash is pitted against Kara.  As the Flash is still trying to control his own powers and Kara is uncomfortable with her own it creates a situation where the characters are fighting at high power levels though they are uncertain about what they might unleash.  As Barry has newly found out about his ability to vibrate through objects it comes up a few times as a way to resolve an attack from the stronger Supergirl.  The end result is like most superhero fights (a draw) but the H’el story line doesn’t really seem to be grabbing me.  This little bit of it was decent enough though, and can be read alone without too much difficulty.       


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