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We open with Kara Zor-El (a.k.a. Supergirl) and Powerboy standing vigil for Boomer in front of Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Much kissing ensues…

As Boomer awakens, he asks for Kara. She tells Powerboy to “…go wait at my place…” while she checks on Boomer’s condition. This infuriates Powerboy, and he slams Supergirl through the wall of the hospital, screaming, “Don’t turn your back on my when I’m talking to you!” Much carnage ensues…

Meanwhile, across the globe, a mysterious woman speaks through a portal to an unknown being of recruiting an agent to dissect Supergirl’s spirit.

Back in New York, a dazed Supergirl awakens in the apartment of Powerboy. Pictures of her are plastered on the walls from floor to ceiling (can we say “stalker?”) Restricted by strength dampeners, Supergirl is forced to listen to a rambling Powerboy as he tries to rationalize his adoration. During this, we learn a little of Powerboy’s origins on Apokolips.

Kara soon tires of Powerboy’s psychosis and turns the strength dampeners to sludge with a well-aimed blast of lasers. Much carnage ensues.

Cut to space…Supergirl grabs the Fatherbox, causing an energy disruption that sets off a series of events leading to a complete temporal spatial eruption. In an effort to prevent complete chaos, Powerboy pleads for Kara to throw the Fatherbox into the sun, thus denying the temporal rift the destruction of the Fatherbox would cause.

But it does not reach the sun in time, and erupts in normal space…

To be continued…



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A Decent Story is Beginning 0

The Powerboy romance blossoms in this issue. Supergirl finds out just what this nice little guy is. Now the question remains at the end of the comic... what is that box and what has it done?I have to admit it was nice to see Supergirl, teenager and all, not take any abusive crap from her boyfriend. Finally Supergirl is showing some gusto and toughness.Love the Ones We Hurt carries on in a positive way from the last issue. I am beginning to become hopeful that salvation for this series may ve...

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