Supergirl #13

    Supergirl » Supergirl #13 - Love at First Fight released by DC Comics on February 1, 2007.

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    The story opens with Kara waking up at S.T.A.R Labs after having a nightmare about her father's operation on her long ago. Lois meets Kara at S.T.A.R Labs not long after she fully recovers and tells Kara that Clark is worried about her and that Kara should call him but she says she isnt ready yet. When Lois leaves,Powerboy knocks on the window and asks Kara to follow him. Having been saved by him in the previous issue,Kara agrees and the two travel to Mexico and have a friendly conversation while stopping a natural disaster. Meanwhile at hiddeb city in Tibet,a mysterious figure employs assassins to go after Supergirl. The next day Kara tells Wonder Girl about Powerboy and how "hes nice" but before the two can finish their conversation,Powerboy himself arrives outside of Kara's apartment and asks her out again. The two fly around and Kara tells Powerboy that she will go out on an official date with him if she can beat her at a race. Supergirl speeds off and reaches the Hollywood sign but realizes that Powerboy is already there. The two start to talk again but are interrupted by two assassins who are Sakki the hate furnace and Gakidou.

    A battle engages,Supergirl tries to punch Sakki but he phases through her punch and bonds rocks to her skin when she became solid again. Powerboy attempts to help Kara but is quickly defeated by Gakidou. The battle is moved forward closer to town and Sakki says he does not understand how Superman could be related tosomeone so full of such hate as Kara. Sakki continues to punch Kara but before he and Gakidou can finish her off,Kara gets mad and quickly and severely beats them.Sakki is shocked at the impossibility that someone could have more hate in them then he could take. Kara responds to this by saying "kinda girl i am" and flies of. Kara returns to Powerboy and finds him to be okay and she hugs him. Back at the Outsides base,Captain Boomerang finds out from Grace that Kara had left S.T.A.R Labs 3 weeks ago and hasn't even let him know.



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