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The Lonely Girl In An Empty Friendly World

Supergirl's been very slowly starting to lose its surprisingly excellent touch touch lately, the Banshee arc had a very awkward and inconsistent balance of plot elements between nice 'becoming an Earthling' touches and so-so flashy action story, and last issue I was pretty bothered by her sudden decision to leave her only Earth friends behind because she's "dangerous." And this generic crowded cover really didn't excite me for this issue.

However, with all that said, this issue loops around and gets back to the basics that made it great at the beginning. As much as her departure from her supporting cast annoyed me, this issue demonstrated that Supergirl, at this point, works best when she's alone. We get back to the original storyline unfettered by distractions. In fact, it really does make the previous arc feel like little more than a distraction. It's got Supergirl investigating remnants of the shp that brought her to Earth. So of course she goes to Superman His appearance in this issue is minimal, but presents pretty much the only problems with this issue. He's drawn to look a bit too young, his headquarters relies entirely on reading Action Comics #13 which of course isn't out yet, and he really just doesn't seem to socially bright. Kara's reaction to his words is a bit extreme, and demonstrates that its still going to take time for her to really become 'Supergirl.'

Otherwise this issue is actually one of the best. The art is nice and smooth, at the best level of quality like the first issue, the pacing after the Superman scene is absolutely perfect, and the mystery takes some fantastic surprise twists at the bottom of the ocean. This issue sets itself up to lead perfectly into the zero issue, using it for momentum instead of a distraction mid-arc, and brings so many plot elements full circle with the surprise appearance of an earlier character with some changes we saw, and some extra REALLY shocking changes.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

Superman created a bit of awkwardness at the beginning, but after that this issue coasted along in a graceful fashion that reminded me why this series was such a delightful surprise hit back at the start.

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