Supergirl #11

    Supergirl » Supergirl #11 - Fish Out of Water released by DC Comics on December 1, 2006.

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    The issue starts with Kara and Grace Choi robbing a boat. The two later drive of together in another boat where it is revealed that the robbery was fake set up by the Outsiders to catch a group of pirates. Kara has a flashback at the Outsiders meeting shortly before,during the meeting Grace doest agree that they should let the "Super princess" on an outsiders run but Captain Boomerang dismisses Grace concerns as she was absent at the last meeting when they discussed Kara. Back to the present time,The pirates have captured Kara and Grace. One of the pirates uses her sharp nails to scratch Grace and seriously wound her. This reveals that the source of their power is magic. The pirates is shocked that she broke a nail and agrees to let them show what they can do. Kara and Grace together with the pirates hijack another ship. A man is able to hold a rocket launcher on the pirates but Kara shoots him with a gun. After the successful robbery,the pirates bring Kara and Grace back to their base where Grace confronts Kara about the man. Kara reveals that she shot him but burned the barrel with heat vision and ran super fast at him and flicked him gently on he head. The pirates leader then calls Kara in to see her.

    The pirates leader compliments Kara for what she had done and offers her something to eat. The two are interrupted which leads to the pirate leader leaving the room and free for Kara to look around. Kara finds out that their source of power is a mystical atlantian creature that is bleeding and seriously wounded. Kara has another flashback moments before the mission in which Nightwing wars Kara that what she will face during her time on the Outsiders will "be worse than anything u can imagine".Kara snaps out of her flash back as Grace is fighting members of the pirates with enhanced magical abilities. The atlantian creature begs Kara to kill it but she cant bring her self to do it. With this,Grace throws a sword at the creature killing it so that the pirates source of power will be gone. Grace then says to Kara "Welcome to the Outsiders" before she gets ambushed by the remaining pirate. The pirate leader who has some little power left stabs Kara right through her heart. Before she can continue her attack,all the other pirates on the ship are knocked out and Kara and Grace are saved by Powerboy.



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    Retreading What Was Once Told. 0

    We appear to be going through it all over again. Supergirl still hasn't found a place where she belongs. She's tried high school, quitting, and now trying to join a team such as the Outsiders.When is this going to end? Is this whole series going to be like this? Supergirl lost, lonely, wants a family, maybe some friends and a place to belong?Oh well, from what I see there are less than twenty issues of this comic but in twenty issues there should be enough substance for one to like it. I am...

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