Supergirl #10

    Supergirl » Supergirl #10 - Secret Identities released by DC Comics on November 2006.

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    Its Kara's first week at her new school. As a civilian,she goes by the identity of Claire Connors.Everything seems to be going well enough on the first day as Kara is able to make friends and becomes especially close to a girl named Becky and a boy named Drew. A week later Supergirl tells Wonder Girl about her first week at high school. Cassie tell's Kara that high school days are the are the most psychologically traumatic years in a kids life in which Kara responds by saying "its just highschool" and they both fly of together. Later that night Kara goes over to Becky's house for a sleepover. The girls are all having a good time when an obbese girl named Sarah who Kara had invited shows up at the Sleepover. Sarah is known for being an outcast at school and Kara hoped to make things better for her. While at the sleep over,Becky and the other girls play a cruel game on Sarah in which they circle with lipstick parts of their body they dont like in which this leads to almost every part of Sarah's body to be circled.

    The next day,Kara who feels guilty for what happend takes comfort in Drew while Becky secretly and angrily watches from afar. Becky later emails Sarah telling her that the cruel game was all Claire/kara's idea. The next day Becky apologizes to Kara for what happen with Sarah and the two hug. Later on,Becky points out to Kara that Sarah just went to the toilet and that Kara/Claire should talk to her. When Kara walks through the door a bucket ooze falls on her and Becky tells Kara to stay away from Drew. The whole student body ends up laughing at Kara in which at that point she takes of her wig and reveals to everyone she is Supergirl. Kara then walks over to Drew and kisses him goodbye before flying off and telling everyone "Be yourselves,it makes life a hell lot easier"



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    90210: Brenda erm I mean Supergirl Goes to High School. 0

    Secret Identities is a story that has been told so many times it isn't really worth repeating. I suppose this issue is for those fifteen year old girls or younger that haven't read/seen/heard a story so similar to this it's ridiculous.We get to see Supergirl try her hand at the high school thing. She get friends, tries to help out an ostracized youth, it backfires, she's teased, and yadda yadda yadda. Supergirl apparently doesn't have the patience to hack it.Oh well, I'm not much for these hi...

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