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Supergirl #10 Review

Supergirl #10 Review


Supergirl and Silver Banshee take on Black Banshee and an old enemy of Kara’s resurfaces.

The Good:

The story, half of which takes place in the Black Banshee’s dream world, is a fun and informative one that investigates some of Kara’s past while being able to move the story forward. The way that the writers, Michael Green and Mike Johnson, handle the flash backs in this issue, and the series in general, is cool. Unlike some of the books in the New 52, this one starts in the present day but also has Kara trying to figure out her past which involves flashbacks in most of the issues. This could make the series choppy but here it makes total sense, as we learn about Kara’s past from the dream sequences she goes through. I will admit that seeing Kara in Kryptonian armor on the cover instead of her normal uniform worried me a bit but the way she gets it in the story made perfect sense. I am not reading Superman or Action Comics, so I am not sure about the justification of his armor but here it works, especially when this series focuses on Kara figuring out the differences between Krypton and Earth. Over all this is a good story that has few loose ends and the writing and dialogue are well above par in this issue.

Once again Mahmud Asrar knocks the art out of the park here. Of particular note during Kara’s dreams when she remembers the Firefalls and the Crystalline Forest; the scenes are quite beautiful as Asrar is able to capture the alien feel of the landscape but still make it look good at the same time. Another really cool piece of art is on page eight that shows Kara in her armor in detail and it is really good. Complementing Asrar’s art perfectly is Dave McCaig on colors, his colors change when the story goes from the dream world to the real world and it is very nice. Instead of using one coloring technique for the whole issue, he uses two. In the dream world he uses brighter colors and shading while in the real world it is darker and more realistic, I honestly thought that it was a guest artist for the dream scape but looking at it again I realized that the colors perfectly complimented the art and the story.

The Bad:

Nothing major, the visor on the armor made sense because Kara fought a dragon with fire breath but it looked a little odd. Also Tommy suddenly has an strong Irish accent like the rest of his family even though he didn’t when he was first introduces, it does not take away from the issue at all but it was kind of funny.


This was a fun issue that progressed the story. There was nothing ridiculously spectacular but the writing was good and the art was great. Any fan will enjoy this issue and a new reader might want to get the previous two to start the arc but if they don’t it is not the end of the world and will still be an enjoyable issue.

4 out of 5

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