Supergirl #1

    Supergirl » Supergirl #1 - Power, Chapter One: JSA released by DC Comics on October 2005.

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    Supergirl tries to figure out who she is and who her friends are, so she seeks out the other cousin of Superman, Power Girl, but when they touch, Power Girl goes haywire, attacking everyone.

    Supergirl fights Power Girl, trying to stop her without hurting her, but it only seems to make things worse. Finally, Mr. Terrific gets an idea. He tells the Green Lantern, Alan Scott, to use his ring to contain both Supergirl and Power Girl. Once everyone has calmed down, it becomes apparent that Power Girl didn't even know what she was doing.

    Apparently, Power Girl's powers have been going crazy ever since Supergirl arrived on Earth and it's dangerous for the two to touch. Power Girl decides to leave a saddened Supergirl, but Stargirl manages to get her to meet Supergirl again, this time atop the Statue of Liberty.

    Power Girl's response to Supergirl's offer of friendship is less than friendly, but Power Girl claims that's more to do with herself than with Supergirl. Power Girl was just starting to get used to the idea of being Superman's cousin when Supergirl comes along and now Power Girl can't even have that to herself -- Supergirl, meanwhile, knows exactly what she means.

    Power Girl does say, however, that when the two of them touched, she sensed something dark in Supergirl, and then Power Girl leaves, leaving Supergirl with more questions than answers.

    Someeone else lurks in the shadows, a certain Mister X, who has questions of his own. Using the Calculator to gain intel on "the other side" as he puts it, he ponders the recent battle between Power Girl and Supergirl and vows to make his presence known soon.

    Kal-El had always told Supergirl that when you have problems, you can turn to your family, but, Supergirl reasons, what if your problems are with your family? Nevertheless, she seeks out someone new in an attempt to find herself, someone who isn't exactly family but at least still has enough of what counts inside to call himself Superboy.

    Supergirl doesn't get a warm welcome from Superboy, who flies out to meet her before she can land. He tells her to leave, now, and that he's not going to tell her again.

    This conversation, unfortunately, will have to be continued in the next issue.



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    Okay, this is interesting. I've seen pictures of Power Girl but have no idea who she is as this is like my second DC comic in years. This was an interesting battle though between the two of them. The problem I have with this issue is the two of them, especially Power Girl bitch at each other like two high school girls. Not something I find that entertaining in a comic book. Oh well, the story seems fine even though I am totally clueless on any background of any of these characters. These s...

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