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    A criminal with electrical powers, chronologically he is the first supervillain Spider-Man ever fought.

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    Ronald Hilliard  was fascinated by super powered beings like the Fantastic Four, Thor and Ant Man when he was growing up. His father was a scientist that was enthralled at the implications these beings held for science, biology, technology and our entire conception of how the world and life on it functioned. His father wanted to see if super powers could be induced and Supercharger helped his dad by collecting data, clip articles and help in the lab. A lab accident occurred and his father was killed in an explosion when the generators he was working on could not handle the power he demanded of them. Supercharger ended up with this power and became a human battery with the ability to absorb unimaginable amounts of energy and discharge it at will. Supercharger believed that super beings were freaks and monsters that brought nothing but pain, destruction and suffering. Supercharger was upset that the people embraced these violent freaks and make heroes out of them. He believed the more heroes and freaks out there just brought more pain, death and anguish and had plans to make a major statement through a violent tragedy.  
     Supercharger is a living battery.
     Supercharger is a living battery.
    Supercharger went to the office of Maxie Shiffman who was an agent that tried to persuade Spider Man to be one of his clients. Shiffman would make Supercharger a client and would book him onto a show called "It's Amazing" when he couldn't get Spider Man. However, the web-head agreed to make Shiffman his agent when Parker was having money issues at home and agree to be on the "It's Amazing" show. Shiffman introduced Spider Man to Supercharger in his new costume before the show began and the wall-crawler's spider sense started to buzz when the living battery excused himself from the room. The "It's Amazing" show started filming in front of a live audience when Supercharger appeared on camera and took down the co-host, Mac Sanders with an electric blast. Supercharger ripped an electric cable in half and let the electricity surge into his body and told the audience how amazing the show will be when he kills them all. Staff members tried to escape but Supercharger welded the doors shut and trapped everyone inside the studio. Spider Man saw the takeover from backstage and tried to use the phone to contact the Baxter Building but Supercharger had cut the phone lines. Spider Man broke a window and was planning to reach the Fantastic Four on foot but paused when he heard a woman scream. Supercharger had the female hostage and wanted the world to see a tragedy that super beings can cause with their powers and witness the horror they're tolerating. Supercharger believed that the world would open their eyes if a tragic event caused by a super being took place and hopefully put an end to these monsters. Supercharger was about to deliver the killing blow with his glowing hand but Spider Man swooped in and took the hostage away. Spider Man engaged Supercharger in battle and evaded numerous strikes and blows until his luck ran out. The web-head was hit with an energy blast and crashed onto the floor. Spider Man saw a staff member hiding under a desk and asked him for help against the living battery. Supercharger absorbed enough juice to fry the audience but was taken by surprised when Spider Man wrapped both of his hands with two electric cables. Spider Man told the staff member to hit the switch and Supercharger was overwhelmed by the enormous amount of energy that surged through him and collapsed to his knees. Spider Man saves the entire audience and Supercharger was apprehended by the police.   

    Mayor Story Artcs

    Masters of Evil

    The Crimson Cowl would bring together twenty-five super villains into her Masters of Evil for one orchestrated plan to rule the world. Supercharger and the Masters of Evil would split up in different groups and acquire important components so they could install numerous weather modulators around the world. The world would bow to their feet after they unleashed cataclysmic storms in various countries. Hawkeye and five Thunderbolts members discovered their base and devised a plan to take down the Masters. Moonstone would join the Masters so she can get inside their defenses while the rest of the T-Bolts took down five foes and wear their costumes as disguises. Moonstone revealed to the Cowl that the T-Bolts were disguised as members of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye and the T-Bolts removed their disguises and all hell broke loose. Supercharger jumped onto Charcoal and hit him with an energy blast. Jolt diverted Cardinal into Charcoal's path and the Thunderbolt sprung into the air and used Supercharger as a battering ram. The energy discharge from Supercharger's collision with Cardinal knocked both villains out. Moonstone betrays the Masters and takes down the Crimson Cowl. Supercharger and the rest of the Masters of Evil are defeated and placed into custody.

    Powers & Abilities

    Supercharger is a living battery that has the ability to absorb various types of energy and discharge it at will from his hands and body. 

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