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Superboy (The Comic Book), later renamed The Adventures of Superboy is the companion comic to the UPN series developed by Ilya and Alexander Salkind to follow their four Superman films. The series premiered October 8th, 1988. After John Byrne's The Man of Steel retconned Superman's career in Smallville as a boy out of the DCU Continuity.  
This is Shuster University, in Seigel, Florida, student Clark Kent. Along with Lana Lang and T.J. White. TJ was later replaced with Andy McAllister. The series would feature some of the first live-action appearances of such classic rogues as Metallo and Mxyzptlk.   
This book debuted February 1990, the same month as Second Season episodes Run, Dracula, Run; Brimstone; Abandon Earth and Escape To Earth. Seasons Three and Four shifted from Shuster University in Seigel, Florida to the Bureau of Extra-Normal Matters in Capital City, Florida. The reason for the Florida setting is the series was filmed at Disney/MGM, then Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The series ended with a final episode aired May 17, 1992. Time-Warner took control of Superboy back from the Salkinds. To date, only the John Haymes Newton, first season of the series has been released on DVD. The series was followed by Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and later Smallville. This title would only survive two years and twenty-two issues, to February of 1992.      

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