Too much tie-in with Teen Titans?

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I understand they are both written by Lobdell and that Superboy is part of said Titans, but i feel there is too much tie-in with Titans. I wouldn't mind if it was just a small note like how Supergirl mentions Superboy, his clone, to Superman. It is something really small like it doesnt really impact the Superman book all that much. I don't mind a tie-in or crossover once in a while, like Superman in Supergirl for one issue. But it seems like it has very frequently with Superboy, and when chunks of the story or the complete other side of the story is missing it bothers me... Like Superboy fighting the Titans, its understandable for it to crossover here, but then the Culling, crosses into Legion Lost, Titans, Titans Annual, to me i don't want to pay extra money for things i am not really interested in, ie Legion, Titans, and Annual. Dont get me wrong they are probably really good reads but, i dont want to read three other books just so that i can understand whats going on in Superboy. Like in issue 10 him and cassie are stranded... idk what happend cause i didnt bother to read the other stuff i dont wanna sound like a ranter... I probably am but, why do i have to buy other books (legion that i care nothing about to be able to enjoy Superboy?

Is it just me being a lamer or does anyone catch my drift... note i am new to comics so idk if this actually goes on a lot.

IF tl:dr All im asking is it too much to ask to get a little more Superboy stand alone adventures with less money being spent on things i dont wanna read?

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I don't think there's too much tie-in. He's a member and the Teen Titans helped to free him.

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yes there WAS to much tie in to other books,but NOW its not the case,so enjoy the superboy book,and get all your friends to buy it too lol.

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