Superman's secret identity

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When did Superman tell Superboy his secret identity?

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It's a pair of glasses....I think he could have just put two and two together. Just because the rest of the DCU are a bunch of idiots doesn't mean Superboy is.  
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it was in the sins of youth story where the ages of all the Dc adult heroes were switched with the teen heroes, Supes needed Superboy to cover for him with Lois and had his dress up as Clark Kent cause they looked similar but he stayed at a distance so Lois wouldn't find out
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@RedK: Didn't Superboy learn it during the Hypertension storyline of superboys solo series, when he was transported to an alternate time line, where clark was superboy, and the alternate Ma and Pa Kent revealed it believing Connor to just be an alternate reality clark kent. 
Course I may be wrong on this since it's been years since I read the story.
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@nightwing91: yea thats how Superboy learned his identity but he didn't tell anyone that he knew it, during the sins of youth story Superman told Superboy his identity and that was the original question
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@RedK: I guess it was during sins of youth, I was trying to remember the issue and i kept thinkingg there was one during the superboy series where this happeened, but  I guess your right it was sins of youth. 
What I was thinking of was where kon-el went to the kent  farm and was hinting to clark he knew his identity and clark hinted back that it was true, but your right he doesn't outright reveal it until sins of youth.
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@nightwing91: Geez, I can't believe I forgot all of this. I should compile a Superman/Superboy list of all their appearances together, sort of a history of their relationship. You and RedK are both right. During Zero Hour, Kon meets up with Young Clark Superboy and realizes Clark Kent is Superman. He doesn't tell him he knows but starts to hang out at the Kent farm whenever he whats to get away from it all (and eat biscuits and gravy). He encounters Young Clark Superboy again during the Hypertime arc. In Sins of Youth, Superman finally tells Kon his secret identity and apologizes for not telling him sooner.

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