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anybody read this?

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#2 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah I did. It really didn't answer anything for me though, so it left be disappointed.

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I don't like it, really. This is where the "Kon" abomination arc was going? It just seems silly.

So clones are a little mentally unstable, but he's half human, so does that still count? And the alien mastermind behind it all, I dunno. One of the things I liked was how they put the Lex Luthor thing front-and-center. I'm not crazy about this because it moves away from that. I think Young Justice did the origin better.
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Yeah I read it and I really enjoyed it you got lot importantly background info on Krypton (which vitally if a super fan) and some importantly info into creation of Kon just wish went into more details like his dna donors but one thing really did like was they how planted into his sub conscious mind rigorous combat training which is one of things I like about his new origin then old one that bred and created be the powerful living weapon just never felt with the old one overall I enjoyed the issue.

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if these subliminal subroutines were supposed to show krypton from hundreds of years ago,then why was kara placed in them?

how did Harvest acquire historical documents with knowldege of kryptons past?

are they going to apply the fact that kryptons gravity was much greater than ares,and that it would inherently mean kryptoniams had to have much stronger bodies to handle that pressure as easily as we handle ours,and if a kryptonian was to be on a planet with a much weaker gravitional pull then wouldnt it make them very SUPERhuman on the planet compared to the normal inhabitants? GA superman or YJ SB levels maybe?

it seems Harvest knew about almost everything that was going on at NOWHERE,but is it possible he didnt know about SB having a third donor?

kon from kryptons body was never found,is this defalco telling us that H'El is that kon,or is it to obvious a answer?

was the doomsday cult responsible for discreditijg jor-el enough to keep his warnings about kryptons destruction not followed?

so Harvest opposes the doomsday cult that has sprung up on earth,but why wpuld he create clones and specifically want them to have that kamikaze /no empathy /bloodlusted then? cpuld he be working from the opposite angle,thinkijg the kryptoniams will be the death of earth,so he creates the clones to stop them?

when will the subroutines Harvest impanted straight into SBs ID come to the surface?

does Harvest want to remake the planet because of what he perceives as kryptonian interefence,or is kryptonians just in his way of his goals,and the creation of clones from them a useful topl for those same goals?

i was a lil annoyed by superboys who who insert in the back of the book,his powers are listed as basic flying brick abilities,and say nothing of his manipulation and perciving through his TTK.

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i havent read it yet but i saw a scan of clark hitting conner did he have a reason or does the writer just not get superman

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its a subroutine Harvest put in fairchilds vr program to teach kon to fight and hate kryptonians.

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I was severely unimpressed

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i thought it was good considering i went in knowing SB would be not actually be activelyin the story,and that most if not all the book would be a history lesson.

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#10 Posted by sethysquare (3965 posts) - - Show Bio

2 words. Mind Blowing.

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#11 Posted by stephens2177 (1395 posts) - - Show Bio

i think issue 15 will be the mind blowing calling it now,i see kon getting "fixed" ala roxy leech,by his mother,who has superpowers,and when he gets fixed he will get his moms powers,making him the guy you dont want to mess with.

all this is imo of course.

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