Superboy & Teen Titans = Confusing? Rushed? SPOILERS

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I have really enjoyed Scott Lobdell's work so far for the New 52 books, but the last Titans and Superboy was really disappointing. I feel that the storyline is being rushed to work up to the Culling crossover. Too many characters are being introduced too quickly (or next to no development). Especially Templar, Harvest, Omen, Jocelyn Lure, & Danny. Lobdell took plenty of time working up Fairchild.

Plus, I'm not really enjoying the rotating art duties in Superboy. I want more Coello whenever possible.

In Superboy 8 it was nice to see Grunge, Beast Boy, and Terra, but overall I was confused with this issue. The allusions to Harvest and Omen made me feel like I was missing an issue somewhere. The Fairchild and Lure sequence was also a bit of a distraction.

FYI - You might want to check out Legion Lost as many characters were just introduced in issue 8 that will likely tie into the Culling crossover as well. Plus Aaron Kuder's art on Legion Lost was impressive.

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@knighthood: I have to agree in that it feels rushed (I, too, thought I had missed an issue somewhere until Superboy briefly recounted what happened after Harvest showed up at the end of Teen Titans #7). It does seem like they're trying to cram as much as possible in before the Culling starts, though on the plus side, The Culling does look like it should be quite interesting. I was happy to see Beast Boy and Terra, too, though I can't tell what the hell was up with the art on BB, because he just looked... really off. Never mind him being red, just the overall appearance. If Terra hadn't mentioned him by name, I wouldn't have known it was him, at all. Also, I have to wonder if Grunge died there in that issue... it certainly seemed like it. If so, well, huh. He didn't last very long. It also seems like we'll be learning more about Omen and such come Teen Titans #8 in a couple weeks, so hopefully that will explain a bit more.

On a side note, I did read Legion Lost, as well, and I agree that the artwork was pretty awesome, better than what we've been seeing in Superboy and Teen Titans anyway. Kuder's artwork made Rose Wilson (the only reason I even picked up that issue) look absolutely stunning, a step up from how she's been drawn in Superboy thus far (not that it's been terrible, but she just looked better in her Legion Lost appearance).

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