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Which comic are these images from, I am  so lost. Any help is appreciated.

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Kon-El, art by Francis Manapul.
Kon-El, art by Francis Manapul.

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the first one is the cover of adventure comics "#2

the second is part of the cover of #1 of said series

the last ones are previews of the first issue

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When does the first issue come out?

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jeez nobody stays dead anymore

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neither are out yet

it depends on how much you want to read and how far back you want to go

if you're looking for the complete story you could start back at the Death and Return of Superman story arc then go to the Superboy and Young Justice series then to the newest volume of Teen Titans the Infinite Crisis then to the most recent Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds for his return

you don't really need to go that far back though you could just start at Teen Titans then Infinite Crisis and then Legion of Three Worlds

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@mighty dude:  the first issue is out in august

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