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Tharok plans to remake Corvan IV the way the Fatal Five wants it, but the Legion steps in.

Story 1: Savage Sanctuary!

Superboy can find no reinforcements to help him, Element Lad and Colossal Boy from the combined might of the Fatal Five, even if the Fatal Five have recently appeared to have turned over a new leaf. The Fatal Five had landed on a planet where its inhabitants had welcomed them with open arms. In return, the Fatal Five has updated the planet with technology and was trying to get it to be a part of the United Planets. Even though the Fatal Five and the Legion of Super-Heroes fight, the inhabitants are the ones to end it, telling the Fatal Five that, though appreciative, they are not ready to join the United Planets. The Fatal Five leave, dejected.

Story 2: Celebration

The Legion of Super-Heroes are trying to vote for a new leader, but something always seems to happen to prevent the voting. The Legion take a spacecraft into space to vote, but the jinx continues there until it is revealed that it is Superboy behind everything, playing a prank on the team like they did him when he was first initiated. The actual voting occurs and Lightning Lad is voted the newest Legion leader.


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