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You Can Stop Reading Now

Just a heads up to anyone like me who is trolling back issues and might be interested in checking out this old volume of Superboy: don't bother reading this issue or anything past it.

Joe Kelly's run ended prematurely in the previous issue, and his meta-narrative made that pretty clear. His last couple issues served as a way of commenting on the plots he had to drop (the mysterious Doctor Sin, in particular), the crossovers he was forced to take part in which derailed his stories, and his lack of satisfaction with this run. As of this issue Dan Didio and Jimmy Palmiotti take over as writers and outright reboot the series.

All ongoing plot threads from the previous issues? Yeah, they've been aborted completely. Kon's entire supporting cast? They've been dropped. The mystery of where Cadmus went is not resolved and Superboy's remaining allies are never seen or mentioned again. I don't know how dire the series' sales numbers were at this point, but they must have been bad for editorial to force such a massive change of gear. From this point on, the book is some sad attempt at an urban sitcom with an all new cast and a new forced love interest for Kon. Not to mention some of the most unsuitable art I've ever seen in a mainstream superhero book.

Check out issue 99 if you're a Young Justice fan and want to get every part of the World Without Young Justice storyline (though its not actually essential reading), and ignore the rest. There is absolutely no surprise that this sad little run was itself aborted and got the book cancelled after only 7 issues.

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