pspin's Superboy #9 - The Culling, Part Two: Lost Claws review

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Superboy #9 Review

Superboy #9 Review


The Culling continues from Teen Titans Annual. Superboy meets his maker, literally.

The Good:

The Culling continues and it is action packed. Superboy, the Teen Titans, and the Legion have taken out the bystanders and start fighting the Ravagers. The fight is really cool and it is interesting seeing Superboy come to terms with the fact that he is not the only super weapon created by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

The think that I liked the most about this comic was the fact that even though it was Superboy’s title and he did get the most page time, the issue focused on all of the Titans and Legionnaires which was able to demonstrate the scope of The Culling and show how big the battlefield they are fighting on really is.

The art was alright, nothing special though.

The Bad:

Superboy’s powers really need to get stronger. I understand that it is still the beginning of the series but still, he should be better, plus if everyone he fights is resistant to his tactile telekinesis, what is the point of him having his own series? Just stick him with the rest of the Teen Titans and be done with it.

The only problem I have with the art is that Superboy’s head looks like a square, it bugs me.


The issue is pretty good; it captures the scope and scale of the Culling and flows really well with Teen Titans Annual and Legion Lost really well. Nothing major is wrong with this issue, just a few nitpicky problems I have. Fans will like it and if you are a new reader pick up Superboy 7 and Teen Titans Annual 1 or this will make no sense

4 out of 5

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