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Superboy - C

This title is like a roller coaster. One week, I will really enjoy it, while the next week I feel I could completely skip it. This was one of those weeks that I feel I could have skipped it.

The Good

Superboy is back at N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and ready from some long overdue revenge. Superboy tears his way through N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s forces in fairly satisfying fashion.

Ha. Kaitlin Fairchild is from Gen 13. How did I miss that connection? I read a lot of Gen 13 back in the 90s. And yet, while this Fairchild is physically similar, we have to ask the question, how much of her story remains the same? The clue that tipped me off, finally, was the teaser in the back of the book advertising next week's guest Grunge.

The Bad

Though the book wasn't flat out horrible, it has plenty of faults to go around. First of all, the movement of plot seems to be abandoned in this issue so we can get more scenes of Superboy flexing his tactile telekinesis powers and kick people through walls. Questions are left to just pile up and the editor notes don't help at all. In fact, they seem to generate MORE questions than the clarify. Who or what the hell is Danny The Street? And where did that come from? And why would you reference an obscure scene in issue 4 to explain how Fairchild ended up with Jocelyn Lure? In fact, I thought that Superboy left Fairchild with some old couple prattling about 'The Culling?'

All of these inconsistencies and notes make the story feel a little disjointed and muddied.


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