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Step aside, Superboy, Smallville's got a new hero – Psionic Lad! Except, well, it's cool he's helping Superboy protect the town from bad guys and all, but what's that he keeps saying about, um, assassinating someone? Hmm, Superboy, you may need to be more choosey about your friends…



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"I am a Friend" 0

The first thing I must address is thank  God the thought bubbles are gone.  I was getting scared for a moment.  The fact the new kid in town Psionic Lad has a thought bubble as a logo I was thinking DC is taking an old school approach to these books, and I don't like it.  It looks like only the few white cover books and or the "March" books had the thought Bubbles.  The major complaint with this series is the jumping around in narrative perspective.  This issue is a lot easier to follow then the...

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Why does Conner push everyone away? 0

  Cover The cover art I personally think is better than the art inside the comic and I wish this was how the inside art was because I am really hating the inside heart.     Story A superhero from the future comes to get help from Superboy that way the superhero named Psionic Lad could save his time. We find out the reason that Lori was not affected by Psionic Lad’s powers was because she has the potential to be psychic. Conner brings Psionic Lad to his home and invites him to stay at the Kent F...

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The future can't be that bad...right? 0

Synopsis: Why has Psionic Lad shown up to the present? What's Good? I'm glad that Jeff Lemire touches back on previous events like the mysterious farmers, and he does a nice job doing so by adding in Psionic Lad. I'm not really a huge fan of people from the future coming to the present kind of story lines, but I'll make this a slight exception. Psionic Lad's future is a bit clique with the whole dark times angle, but this too I can forgive just because  the end of this issue I did not expect. ...

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