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Silversword returns and he plans to bring Knockout, the super-strong beauty, to justice. Can Superboy prevent this misunderstanding from getting out of control before someone gets hurt--or worse?

Doctor Kaua, the recently turned-meta Silversword who has a grudge with Knockout wants to set things right about KO. Superboy is having trouble balancing his schoolwork and power training with Knockout, (which in turn becomes a problem between Knockout and Tana Moon). KO warns Tana about publicizing KO on the news right before she is attacked by Silversword. Although Silversword doesn’t want to fight Superboy, they all end up fighting anyway till the Navy comes in with helicopters and stuns Silversword. Not wanting to let the Navy take him, again, Knockout and SB both coordinate to throw an unconscious Silversword through the helicopter and hope he gets away. Roxy casually let's the fact that she's joining the Police Academy to Rex, something she was previously trying hard to hide from him in fear of opposition. Tana goes to the Boom Boom Room, a local strip club where Knockout used to work, to interview a stripper named Pinto about KO’s history when a boom tube opens and the Female Furies of Apokolips appear.

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