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Wildfire is sworn in as new Legion leader, but Superboy thinks the job should be his. And, while escorting Ambassador Relnic on a secret diplomatic mission, the Legion must subdue Tseln of Thaun without revealing their undercover identities.

Story 1: And Who Shall Lead Them?

Wildfire is elected the newest leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes and Superboy has a problem with it, telling them that he feels he has been robbed. Superboy continues to hold a grudge, and even fights with Wildfire, but it is eventually revealed that Superboy learned from the Legion computers that the newest Legion leader would die die in their next mission. Feeling that his invulnerability would protect him, he tried to take Wildfire's place, but Wildfire beat him out and took the potentially lethal energy blast, which was full of kryptonite. The computer erroneously assumed that Superboy would be the newest leader of the Legion.

Story 2: A Matter of Priorities

Princess Projectra, Timber Wolf and Sun Boy save the life of an ambassador from a potential murderer.


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