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Scott Lobdell has been watching too much Evangelion

This is easily the most disappointing book for the second month of the New 52. I had such high hopes for this title, especially considering how cool Superboy is in Young Justice. With a solid introduction and Dc's teaser about an alien prison riot, I thought this issue would be mostly about Superboy beating the shit out of a lot of Green Lantern enemies. Sadly, I was wrong, this is half talking and the other half, Superboy getting his ass handed to him by two aliens. Way to build up the character Scott. I don't get it, Lobdell had all the energy with the Young Justice Superboy and he did nothing with it in this issue. To explain the baffling title, the book ends exactly like the first episode of Evangelion. The main character built up to fight the monster goes into battle and gets his ass handed to him promptly. All of a sudden, this hidden berserker power is unleashed in a thrilling storm of deus ex machina, the big bad is defeated. This is cheap writing, plain and simple. It worked in Evangelion once, but here, this is Superboy. We've been constantly told that he's basically a human superweapon, yet two fat shark aliens whoop his ass in a few minutes. I would've given this a lower score if it hadn't been for Rose Wilson actually kicking ass. I must say, the highlight was her shooting one of the aliens in the face. Just read Deathstroke #2, that book, despite being a bit brainless is what this should've been.

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