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Superboy #19 Review

Superboy #19 Review


Harvest’s story is told as we get closer to finding out whose DNA Superboy shares.

The Good:

The story is pretty good. Until now, Harvest has been a big question mark other than that he hates meta-humans. His story is not ground breaking but it is appreciated. Some continuity purists will probably be up in arms over some of the details (Superman’s baby mama) but it doesn’t hurt the story, especially given the whole time travel/alternate universe stuff (remember there is still multiple unused universes in the New 52). The story actually makes Harvest seem like an almost likeable villain and the change of pace is pretty cool.

Scott Lobdell’s writing is really great here. Tom DeFalco is alright but Lobdell is better and it really shows what he can do, making Harvest more than a psycho with a thing for teen meta-humans. He makes Harvest much more cold and calculating than he initially appeared and a much more versatile villain than what he could have been. With this issue Harvest gains the potential to be a threat to big name heroes or smaller ones too; it is nice to see the character evolve like that.

R.B. Silva and Diogenes Neves draw the issue and it looks spectacular. There is a high level of detail and a nice flow to the art that stood out to me and looked great.

The Bad:

There was no real time frame for some of the events and it was kind of a pain to follow. Between the first Superman sequence and when he reveals himself and kisses Wonder Woman, there is a no real indication to how much time has passed and it is a little confusing.

Continuity purists will hate this issue with a passion as it involves Superman fathering a child and some liberties with the future and time travel. I personally didn’t mind it but now you have been warned.


Scott Lobdell’s writing is a breath of fresh air here and he tells an interesting story. It has a nice flow to it and it is complimented by some great art from R.B. Silva and Diogenes Neves. Overall it is much better than the last several issues; it has an older feel to it, heavy on exposition but never really boring. It is simple and it works well.

4 out of 5

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