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Super Date 0

THE GOOD: I really like the art in this issue. Sebastian Fiumara I wish that he would stay on the book longer. I really like the way the the whole book feels with him on it. You feel like you are in paradise with these two characters as well. I really like the way he draws the characters as well. The story is simple but good. We get to see more interaction between Wonder Girl and Superboy. I really like seeing them develop a relationship together and I think that this was pretty close. I really ...

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Superboy #10 Review 0

Superboy #10 ReviewOverview:Superboy and Wonder Girl explore Mystery IslandThe Good:This issue was a huge step up from previous issues. The story is just about the two exploring the island but it really is all about the two characters and the possibility of a budding romance. The combination of Superboy’s relative naivety and social awkwardness and Wonder Girl’s attitude provides some interesting, and funny, situations. This issue really explores Wonder Girl’s character more than Superboy’s but ...

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Lost in Paradise 0

The GoodSuperboy #10 is a good breather and excellent jumping point for new readers. After all the action in the Culling, Lobdell set us down for a nice relaxing issue with Superboy and Cassie. In terms of writing, the dialogue does its best to draw our attention towards Superboy and Cassie. The art itself is truly stunning and one of the reasons why I bought this issue.The dynamic duo (Haha see what I did there?) being stranded on a mysterious island gives us a strange chance to explore their b...

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A Relationship Built On The Ghost of a Foundation 0

Scott Clark's artwork is generally good, but he's not doing this cover any favors. Wonder Girl's lasso thing looks AWESOME but the rest of the design is crowded to an insane degree. It took me quite a bit to piece together how many dinosaurs were in what position, and then there's more stuff in the background as well. It's a huge freaking mess.And I don't usually linger too much on solicits, since they shouldn't have any significant impact on the quality of the comic, but this one was so laughab...

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Best issue till date 0

Wow. Can I say that this is just such a great issue, I'm gonna give it a 5.I'm not gonna lie, I did not like Superboy #9. I felt like the art was too cluttered and too caught up in the crossover.But this issue, this issue gave us back the Superboy that I fell in love with when I read Adventure comics by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. The tough guy who is getting in touch with his humanity and having the hots for Wonder girl.Plus Sebastian Fiumara what can I say. He is brilliant. I loved every ...

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