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Superboy #0 Review

Superboy #0 Review


Detailing Superboy’s origins from the point of view of Harvest and NOWHERE and some history of Krypton is revealed as well.

The Good:

The story is pretty good. What really stands out is the history of Krypton and how it started to fall, and out of every other explanation given over the years, this one makes a lot of sense and is one of the better ones. The other part of the story is how Superboy was created from the view of Harvest as he explains it to Omen. All in all it really adds to the story in a good way and the actions taken make sense.

The writing by Tom DeFalco is surprisingly good compared to his previous work and it pays off with a great story, although some of the content is lifted directly from previous issues in the series that were written by Scott Lobdell, which helps give the issue a sense of continuity. While initially the idea of going back to NOWHERE related business seems sketchy, it provides much needed information into why Superboy was created.

The art by R.B. Silva is better than normal as well, while there are some odd expressions here and there, overall it is great work. Omen in particular looks good.

The Bad:

At the end when Harvest talks about giving Superboy subliminal messages about being an abomination and things, it is not explicitly stated, one can assume that it is mentioned that Kryptonian Clones are evil which contradicts a lot of issue 6 when he meets Supergirl and acts like it is the first time that he has heard things like that.

While over all the art is good, it starts to get worse at the end, some of the faces are messed up if not anatomically impossible.


A solid issue that is the best DeFalco and Silva have done yet and hopefully this momentum will keep up. This is a Zero Issue that really adds onto the story in a good way and deepens the character of Superboy.

4.5 out of 5

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