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Mysteries are revealed as we learn Harvest’s reasons for creating Kryptonian clones!

This bloody chapter of Superboy’s history ties directly into issue #1 of the series – and the future of the entire DC Universe!



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Superboy #0 0

THE GOOD: R.B. Silva is a decent artist and his skills really show in the splash pages that he draws in this issue. The scope in the panel, is epic and it gives you a feeling of destruction. The facial expressions in this issue are also very spot on and convey the emotions of the character quite well. The story brings up a whole new side to the Boy of Steel and begs to question if we know the character at all. Seeing Krypton was interesting and it grabs your attention right away. We learn TONS a...

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Superboy #0 Review 0

Superboy #0 ReviewOverview:Detailing Superboy’s origins from the point of view of Harvest and NOWHERE and some history of Krypton is revealed as well.The Good:The story is pretty good. What really stands out is the history of Krypton and how it started to fall, and out of every other explanation given over the years, this one makes a lot of sense and is one of the better ones. The other part of the story is how Superboy was created from the view of Harvest as he explains it to Omen. All in all i...

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Attack of the Clones 0

With Superboy’s issue #0 we finally get the skinny on the Kryptonian Clone War that Supergirl alluded to in Superboy #6. This isn’t the first clone war in Kryptonian history. John Byrne’s World of Krypton also contained a conflict over cloning that lasted centuries and set back Kryptonian civilization. I assume that this is an updated version of that premise which would mean that Byrne’s dark Krypton is being somewhat integrated in with Grant Morrison’s Silver Age inspired version. It’ll be inte...

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