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    The Super Young Team are an Japanese group of teen superheroes. They are revealed to be Fifth World incarnations of the Forever People.

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    The place and circumstances of the Super Young Team's formation are unknown; presumably, they were motivated at least in part by a desire for fame and adventure.

    Seeing their powers as mainly cosmetic, the team never got involved in fights.  They spent a lot of time lounging in the metahuman clubs of Tokyo; to the elder Japanese superheroes, the team were prime examples of younger generation's trivialization of the calling.  While they'd done a few minor good deeds, Most Excellent Superbat was waiting for something that would make their name and establish their reputation.

    When renowned sumo wrestler Sonny Sumo showed up in a club, the team sought his autograph, but were rebuffed.  Shilo Norman, the escape artist Mister Miracle, also sought out Sonny at the club, hoping to get Sonny's help in fighting Darkseid's  forces in the upcoming Final Crisis.  The team overheard Shilo's request.

    A few days later, when Sonny Sumo and Mister Miracle were attacked by a squad of Darkseid's Justifiers at the airport, the Super Young Team helped the duo escape in their Wonder Wagon.  Shilo's Mother Box opened a Boom Tube, transporting the Wonder Wagon and it's passengers across time and space.  During their journey, Shilo took the opportunity to teach the team a symbol that would shield them from Anti-Life.

    They arrived at Checkmate headquarters in Switzerland one month later, as the Final Crisis reached its endgame and New Earth's reality was fracturing under the weight of Darkseid's presence.

    NOTE: The Super Young Team has a vehicle called the Wonder Wagon, which is a car capable of powered flight, similar to the Newsboy Legion's Whiz Wagon.



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