Character » Super-Turtle appears in 71 issues.

    Super-Turtle is the one toon super hero in the realistic Superman World. He has powers like Superman, but uses them in different ways.

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    Knowing their planet of Galapagon to be doomed the Science Council of that planet, led by their greatest scientist Shh-Ell, start the construction of 1000 space ships, however the citizens of Galapagon being humanoid turtles they move so slowly that they are able to only build one small ship by the time disaster is about to strike so the only one sent to Earth is the son of Shh-Ell, Tur-Tel, once on Earth he goes to live in a pond of a kind farming couple. 

    When Tur-Tel grows up he finds he has powers far beyond those of ordinary Earth turtles, and not just the fact that he walks on two legs and can talk, he also has all the powers and abilities of Earth’s other hero Superman.  


    Another of Henry Boltinoff’s many half page filler strips, such as Varsity Vic, Cap’s Hobby Shop, Little Pete and others , that were used mostly as filler in the Sliver-Age in various DC comics.


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