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    A skrull artificially augmented and given each of the abilities of the Fantastic Four by the Skrull Emperor Dorrek, who wanted revenge against them. He is now the Emperor of the Skrull Empire, but still harbors vendettas

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    Kl'rt the Super Skrull
    Kl'rt the Super Skrull

    The Skrull who became known as the Super-Skrull was born with the name Kl’rt on Tarnax IV. Kl’rt volunteered to be artificially augmented at the command of Emperor Dorrek who had vowed revenge after an invasion of Earth was foiled by the Fantastic Four.

    Kl’rt was given the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four, yet his powers exceeded the originals, he burned hotter and flew faster than Johnny Storm, he could stretch further than the Reed Richards, he exercised greater control over his invisibility and force fields than Susan Richards, and was stronger than Ben Grimm. Kl’rt retained his Skrullian shape-shifting abilities and his naturally strong hypnotic skills. He was dubbed the Super-Skrull by the Emperor himself, and was to be the point man in a second invasion of Earth. All he had to do was defeat the Fantastic Four.


    Super Skrull was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four #18 (1963).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Attacks on Earth

    During the Kree-Skrull war
    During the Kree-Skrull war

    At their first encounter Super-Skrull is able to hold an advantage over the Four until Reed correctly deduces that Kl’rt’s power is being further augmented by a beam directed from the Skrull homeworld. With the beam blocked Super-Skrull is quickly defeated.

    During the Kree-Skrull War, Kl'rt disguised himself as Carol Danvers to capture and kidnap the Kree soldier known as Captain Mar-Vell for the Skrull Empire.

    Kl’rt attempts to avenge this humiliation many times by returning to Earth and battle such heroes as Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Thor. Kl'rt even allied himself with Thanos at one time. Then he is soon trapped for several years in the Van Allen radiation belt by Ms. Marvel.

    Last Shape-shifter

    As Captain Hero
    As Captain Hero

    At some point while trapped he was used in a plot of Master Khan against Iron Fist in which he is brainwashed into believing he is a twelve year old boy who can transform himself into “ Captain Hero.” When he seemingly kills Iron Fist, Khan returns him to the radiation belt with no memory if the incident. The imprisonment by Master Khan had the beneficial effect of shielding Kl’rt from Zybak’s disaster, in which the entire Skrull race lost their shape-shifting abilities. After being freed from the radiation belt by the Silver Surfer, Kl’rt joins forces with S’byll, a claimant to the Skrull throne. She uses a sample of his DNA to restore the shape-shifting gene to the Skrull race. Lauded once again as a hero of the Skrull Empire he becomes the consort to the newly crowned Empress S’byll, but when the Empire falls once again into chaos when S’byll is betrayed by Captain Reptyl, who seemingly kills Kl’rt in single combat.

    Kl’rt instead fell into a comatose state as his body recuperated. Gaining revenge on Reptyl, but finding the Empire in disarray, Kl’rt flees to Earth, where he goes into hiding. He maintains his secrecy for several months, but is drawn out by his need for revenge against the Fantastic Four, who summarily captures him and imprisons him in the Vault.

    Young Avengers

    He escapes and renews contact with the Skrull Empire, he attempts to bring the Young Avenger, Hulkling (who is the son of Kree Captain Mar-Vell and Skrull Princess Anelle) into protective custody, but in a stroke of genius he impersonates Hulkling (with his consent) and puts himself in a prime position to spy on both the Kree and Skrull Empires.


    Super-Skrull attempted to single-handedly defend the Skrull Empire from the Annihilation Wave and its planet killing super-weapon: The Harvester of Sorrow. After the current leader of the Skrull Empire, Baroness S'Bak, insults Kl'rt he attacks her and the Skrulls who are allied with her, getting a price put on his head.

    He is helped by a young Skrull named R'Kin and together they plan to go to the Negative Zone and destroy the weapon. They find the creator of the weapon on a prison planet and force him to create another weapon capable of destroying the Harvester. He also recruits prisoners Praxagora and Preak.

    He is betrayed by R'Kin and the weapon is never used. The Skrull planet Zaragz'na is destroyed, the planet where Kl'rt believes his son Sarnogg is located. Not allowing Praxagora to sacrifice herself, Kl'rt absorbs her energies and destroys the weapon at the cost of his own life. This appears later to be simply another period of recuperation for him as he fully recovers thanks to Firelord. He is seen assisting Ronan in freeing the Kree Empire from House Fiyero.

    Annihilation Conquest

    Kl'rt and Praxagora are invited by Ronan to be recognized for their assistance in the Annihilation War. While there, the Phalanx began their attack on the Kree Empire and enclosed all of Kree space in a impassable barrier. They are both taken captive by the Phalanx and are infected with the transmode virus so they would become members of the Phalanx Select.

    The virus only works if the victim accepts their fate and allows it to fully take over, something the Super Skrull would not allow. He is eventually freed by Wraith and the virus removed. Together they join the Kree Resistance and lead an assault on the Phalanx and capture one of their scientists. With his knowledge they are able to defeat the Phalanx once again, in the process freeing Ronan from Phalanx control.

    With Ronan in charge, they go to Kree-Lar and capture Ravenous and locate secret stockpiles of Kree Sentries to attack the Phalanx on the Kree homeworld of Hala. On route to their attack, Ultron takes control of Praxagora and their sentires, disrupting her core and causing a massive explosion. Kl'rt is able to save the crew with his force fields and swears vengeance on Ultron for Praxagora's death, but Ultron is defeated before they even reach the planet.

    Secret Invasion

    Kl'rt and Nova
    Kl'rt and Nova

    By Secret Invasion, Kl'rt was considered an obsolete relic, and no longer being considered important by Skrull authorities, as they'd made many more Skrulls into Super-Skrulls with the powers of Earth's heroes. Kl'rt found out some details about the Secret Invasion, and so infiltrated a group of Skrulls who were planning to ambush and kill Nova. Upon finding out who the target was, Kl'rt killed the rest of the Skrulls, as he didn't want to kill his ally from the Annihilation War. However, during the fight the ship which had brought Kl'rt to the planet he and Nova were on was destroyed, and so he asked Nova to take him to Earth.

    Upon reaching Earth, Kl'rt and Nova were attacked by hundreds of Super-Skrulls. Kl'rt then seemingly turned on Nova and burned him, but it turned out that he had shielded him with a force field so that he could get to Earth safely.

    While on Earth he also tracked down his daughter Jazinda. She had become an enemy of the empire for swallowing a sacred relic she was sent to retrieve from the Kree. Kl'rt had sworn to kill her for her treachery. When he found her, she and the She-Hulk had captured the Skrull Talisman Nogor. But when the time came, Kl'rt didn't allow Nogor to kill her by removing the artifact from her. In doing this, Kl'rt cast away the Skrull religion


    With the invasion of the Builders, Kl'rt and the Skrulls formed an alliance with many races throughout the universe, including their enemies the Kree. Kl'rt was an important member of this Galactic Council and helped also to defeat Thanos' Black Order. After the defeat of the Builders and Thanos, Kl'rt was crowned emperor of the Skrull Empire.

    Infinity Wars

    K'lrt as ruler of the Skrull Empire
    K'lrt as ruler of the Skrull Empire

    When the planet Sakaar reappeared after having been destroyed years earlier, K'lrt journeyed there and discovered that the Time Stone was the cause of its' sudden reappearance. Taking it for himself, he vowed to use it to rebuild the Skrull Empire.

    K'lrt returned to the new Skrull homeworld Tarnax II and brought the Time Stone before one of his sorcerers, Mt'Nox, with the intent for using it to conquer and expand. Before he could fully understand it, Doctor Strange and his ally Kanna intercepted them to take the stone. Infuriated by the presence of a human, K'lrt attacked Strange, only to be defeated when the human magician mastered the stone's ability to go forwards/backwards in time.

    New Beginning?

    Still seeking revenge
    Still seeking revenge

    K'lrt was approached by a Kree salesman named Mar-Koll, who offered him a device that could transform the Earth into a new Skrull planet if he copied Ms. Marvel's DNA. Still feeling anguish over the destruction of the Skrull Homeworld - and consequently blaming humanity, K'lrt traveled to Earth under the persona of a new hero called Captain Hero. Immediately, he and Ms. Marvel clashed over his false principles of pure justice, and when she prevented him from killing a minor super villain, he revealed himself. The two dueled until the device malfunctioned, and were then saved by the same villain he nearly killed. Ms. Marvel empathized with K'lrt's pain, but pointed out that humanity was not to blame for his world's demise and that moving on in life was better. Taking her words to heart, K'lrt decided to chart a new path for the Skrulls instead of violence.


    Using the abilities of the FF
    Using the abilities of the FF

    The Super-Skrull has all the abilities of the original Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic's elasticity, Invisible Woman's invisibility and force fields, Human Torch's flight and pyrokinetics and the Thing's strength and rocky hide. All of these abilities are amplified, such as him being able to stretch much farther than Mr. Fantastic or become twice as hot as the Human Torch. He often uses these abilities in brutal and militaristic fashion, once calling the manner in which he applies them "creative." These powers have allowed him to hold his own against the likes of Hulk, Thor, Namor, the Thing, Sasquatch, Vision, Ravenous and Silver Surfer, among others.

    Kl’rt also retains his Skrullian shape-shifting abilities and also has naturally strong hypnotic skills and a healing factor.

    His strength level was estimated to being able to lift c. 5 tons in his early appearances, about the same as the Thing very early in his career. Since then it has gradually increased, currently estimated to being able to lift c. 85.

    The skrulls live longer than humans, average age of death being 210 years.

    Alternate Versions

    Ultimate Super-Skrull :

    Ultimate Super Skrull
    Ultimate Super Skrull

    Earth-20604: The oldest of his race, age which has almost a billion years, Skrull Emperor survived, thanks to the armor of the anti-murder, which supports his withered body. This armor, sealed around the owner, provides internal air circulation, allowing you to travel under water in the area of low pressure in space and the space environment. Armour gives the owner the power of each ultra-person within 1000 miles, duplicating all possible metagenes. Among the students is the present super-Skrull capable of trapping the neurons of the nervous system, the optical rays that can penetrate the protective field of Invisible Woman, endurance, capable of withstanding an explosion of a supernova Human Torch and super powers that allow to raise more than 100 tons. Obviously one effect is to duplicate is not in a position - increased level of intelligence. Like other representatives of this race, the Super-Skrull is probably also able to transform, although maybe age does not allow it to do.

    An alien race of Skrulls moved his fleet from planet to planet, consuming their resources and stealing their technology after the destruction of the inhabitants. To minimize the resistance, they pretend benevolence, giving a new world of pills, healing all sickness and old age, in addition, more and opening supergene. However, the pill and have a secret effect, it infects accepting pico-bots, which signal Skrull block the blood flow, drain the blood and cause death in terrible agony. With this secret weapon Skrulls have won thousands of planets.

    The Fantastic Four find a way back to Ben his human form. They decided to go back in time to fix an accident during testing devices teleportation, which gave them their power. It changed the time line, creating an alternate reality (Earth-20604). Now having a working teleportation device, a team of researchers in the form of Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Susan Storm and Victor Van Damme for a trillion miles from Earth and are confronted with a Skrull. Seeing an opportunity to conquer the world with valuable technology teleportation, Super-Skrull came into contact with investigators and gave them a pill. Once they took the pill on the ground, mankind has evolved over several hours. Soon, more than 6 billion people have super powers, and 18 months later, only the common man was Ben Grimm, who refused to take a pill.

    Super-Skrull went to the "diplomatic" mission to Earth. While New York Skrull showered with gifts and praise, the aliens were waiting for the moment to begin the invasion. Invisible Woman accidentally overheard a discussion of their plans, but was spotted and killed by the Super-Skrull. To stop the Super-Skrull Human Torch used a supernova, but it killed Reed Richards, and Super-Skrull no harm caused. Super-Skrull laughed powerless Grimm, until Skrull soldiers destroyed the last remnants of humanity, mutants, and creatures that did not need the pill to get access to abilities. A few minutes later, Ben Grimm was the last living man on Earth. The suit of anti-murder did not provide any protection against Grimm, because it hadn’t superpowers, which can be duplicated. Grimm took the suit, throwing Super-Skrull to die, but he made his way to the Time Machine in the Baxter Building. The remaining Skrulls could not stop Grimm, who made several jumps in time reached the moment before phagocytes prevent accidents. Not knowing what it was he himself from another universe, Being attacked by Grimm, forcing prison Agriopov time to attack them. Because of the Skrull destroy equipment time machine in his time, the only available time for Grimm is Chile's 500 years in the past. There Aborigines buried his body armor in the temple, carving the name "Super-Skrull.

    Earth-1610: Actions Ben has successfully returned to the original flow of time (Earth-1610), where the sarcophagus was discovered Grimm. Perhaps the Super-Skrull Earth-1610 exists in the depths of the cosmos, destroying civilization in search of useful technologies. But he has not yet invaded the land.

    In Other Media

    Video Games

    Super-Skrull in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Super-Skrull in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, the heroes confront him and Paibok on the Skrull planet, and the two are ready to battle the Ultimate Alliance, but their empress makes a deal with them, they can leave without conflict if they will help her leave in her spaceship. The two offer to escort the heroes and act as bodyguards while opening the doors for the Skrull Empress, but only one can be chosen at a time. Galactus is attacking the Skrull planet at the same time and is planning to consume it.
    • Super-Skrull is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He is put in the game over the Fantastic Four because Capcom wanted the Four's power set in the game, but didn't want to use four playable character slots. As one would expect, Super Skrull's attacks include stretching his limbs to hit enemies across the stage, throwing fireballs and using the Thing's strength. His guard is Invisible Woman's barrier powers. His hypers include a combo where he lights himself on fire to tackle the enemy into the ground before repeatedly slamming the enemy with Thing arms and finally stretch-punching them away, twisting himself into a flaming tornado while shouting "Die ignorant creature!", an attack where he soars into the air while saying "He loves you!" before covering the entire stage with flame while shouting "BURN!".
    • Super Skrull is featured in the 1997 Fantastic Four game.
    • Super-Skrull appears in the video game adaptation of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
    • Super-Skrull appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online and Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet.
    • Super-Skrulls were to be featured as enemy characters in THQ's unreleased Avengers video game.
    • Super-Skrull is a playable character in Avengers: Battle for Earth.
    • Super-Skrull appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
    • Super-Skrull is a boss character in Marvel Heroes.


    1967 (left) and 2006 (right)
    1967 (left) and 2006 (right)
    • Super-Skrull appeared in The Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Tom Harvey.
    • Super-Skrull appeared in the 1967 Fantastic Four episode "Invasion of the Super-Skrulls", voiced by Marvin Miller
    • Super-Skrull appeared in the 1994 Fantastic Four series voiced by Neil Ross and later voiced by Jess Harnell.
    • Super-Skrull appeared in the 2006 series Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, voiced by Mark Oliver.
    • Super-Skrull appears in The Super Hero Squad Show voiced by Charlie Adler in Season One and by Jim Cummings in Season Two. In the episode "If This Be My Thanos," Super-Skrull leads the Skrulls in searching Super Hero City for a Skrull con-man who was posing as Thanos. In the episode "Another Order of Evil" Pt. 1, Super-Skrull arrests the Super Hero Squad when Captain Marvel goes missing during a diplomatic mission that would bring peace between the Kree and the Skrull.
    • Super-Skrull appeared in The Avenger's: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episdoe "Prisoner of War," voiced by Kyle Hebert. In the episode, Super-Skrull is one of the Skrulls who observes the captive Captain America and tries to find a way to break him.
    • Super-Skrull appears in the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. episode "Deathlok," voiced by Kevin Grevioux.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Super Skrull was featured in ToyBiz's Fantastic Four cartoon line in the 90's.
    • Bowen Designs and Eaglemoss produced statues and busts of Super-Skrull.
    • Super-Skrull was featured in the HeroClix game.
    • Super-Skrull was featured in ToyBiz's Fantastic Four Classics line, the sister line of Marvel Legends. Two variants showing the Super-Skrull as invisible (while using the Invisible Woman's powers) and on fire (while using the Human Torch's powers), respectively, were also released.
    • Super-Skrull was featured as a Minimate in Diamond Select's line for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    • Super-Skrull was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Super-Skrull was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.
    • Super-Skrull was included in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.

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