Super-Skrull Alpha

    Character » Super-Skrull Alpha appears in 3 issues.

    An enemy of the Agents of Atlas, Super-Skrull Alpha is a Super-Skrull specifically with the powers of Alpha Flight.

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    Not much is known about Super-Skrull Alpha's origins, although he subscribes to the Skrull prophecy that foretells the Skrulls inhabitation of the planet Earth.


    Super-Skrull Alpha was created by Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk and first appeared in Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1.

    Character Evolution

    Dying in his first appearance, Super-Skrull Alpha hasn't appeared since.

    Major Story Arcs

    Secret Invasion

    Super-Skrull Alpha was one of the Skrulls who invaded Oregon and attempted to take control of the streets of Portland. The Skrulls were instead greeted with Namora who fought against them. Although Namora was defeated and captured, she managed to kill Super-Skrull Alpha much to the surprise of the other Skrull's.

    Powers and Abilities

    Super-Skrull Alpha allegedly possesses all the powers of Alpha Flight (presumably, however, only the original members). Those displayed include Sasquatch-like arms and Guardian-like electronic abilities. As a Skrull, he has access to many other powers, but it's possible he was bred specifically only to mimic the powers of Alpha Flight.


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