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    Member of Freedom Force. Currently part of Necrosha

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    During WWII he fought against the German Axis . He fought alongside three other heroes at the time Stonewall, Crimson Commando, and Yankee Clipper. Following the war, Super Sabre along with the Commando and Stonewall continued to fight crime. They even hoped to join the Human Torch in fighting communists, but government officials were concerned that the over enthusiastic heroes would cause a real war. The government told suggested that they retire which all three reluctantly did.

    Major Story Arcs

    Judge and Executioner

    Fletcher, Commando, and Stonewall returned to America.When they arrived home they were disturbed by the criminal acts of people who thought they were "above the law". Finally deciding to do something they came out of retirement and would kidnap criminals and hunt them for sport.

     Crimson Commando, Stonewall & Super Sabre
    Crimson Commando, Stonewall & Super Sabre

    Later they captured Storm only to realize she wasn't a criminal. Faced with this they decided to hunt her down so that their whereabouts weren't known. Storm was also captured with another prison while they were hunted. Priscilla Morrison, their actual target. Chasing down Morrison and Storm, Super Sabre was almost decapitated by a trap Storm had set. Later, Morrison betrayed Storm, but before she could kill Storm the Commando was able to kill her. Commando and Storm then proceeded to fight which Storm won. Storm then demanded that they turn themselves in, being remorseful over Super Sabre apparent death they complied.

    Freedom Force

    Working for Uncle Sam one more time
    Working for Uncle Sam one more time

    Months later Val Cooper released Stonewall and Commando so that they would join her group Freedom Force. Sabre turned up alive and soon also joined the team. Super Sabre and Freedom Force later worked with the X-Men against a cosmic entity known as the Adversary, but their attempts to enforce the government policy, the Mutant Registration Act, later led to battles with X-Factor and the New Mutants. Following a mission on Muir Island Stonewall was killed by the group Reavers. During another mission Super Sabre was again almost decapitated.

    Race of the Ages

    During an unknown period of time Super Sabre alongside other speedsters such as Quicksilver, Whizzer, Speed Demon, Black Racer, Makkari, Fast-Forward and the female Captain Marvel. The Runner pitted them against each other to find out who is the fastest being in the galaxy.

    Enter; Desert Sword

    The Commando led a mission to Kuwait which led to a fight with the middle eastern team Desert Sword. During which Super Sabre was decapitated by one of the members Aminedi and Commando was crippled. After this Freedom Force was disbanded.

    Years later Wolverine visited the afterlife and was attacked by several of his dead foes, among them Stonewall, Pyro, and Super Sabre. Wolverine began to fight the dead villains until Colossus appeared to help Wolverine defeat them.


    He has been revived by Selene to be part of Necrosha. He is seen fighting Colossus with Stonewall.


    Gifted with the mutant abilities of super speed, heightened reflexes, and protection from intense friction due to his high Ted speeds. Although only able to run at short bursts and for shorter times and distances than when in his youth he was able to keep up with various other speedsters for sometime.

    “Sonic -Boom”
    “Sonic -Boom”

    he could also Crete a sonic boom effect which produces a micro sonic concussive effect causing people to become knocked out. He usually snaps his fingers close to his adversary causing the effect.


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