Super Naturals

    Team » Super Naturals appears in 12 issues.

    Late 1980s toyline from Tonka - heroic and evil warriors with holograms that change their appearance. Also a short-lived UK comic from Fleetway (1987-1988).

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    Throughout the centuries, men have found the Tomb of Doom! By entering its doors they have made the journey to Ghostworld, where they would be trapped until the force called Specter decided to release them...release them with incredible powers. They are...the Super Naturals!

    Heroic Warriors

    Once these warriors were human. Once they were normal, before they entered the Tomb of Doom. They entered Ghostworld and they were given incredible powers to pursue the protection of all that is good and defeat the forces of evil.


    The heroic warrior leader can change from man into lion, king of beasts.

    • Power: all the strenth of a mighty lion
    • Armament: glow-in-the-dark sword and lion shield

    Thunder Bolt

    Bestowed with the skill to change from viking to lightning warrior.

    • Power: To control thunder and lightning
    • Armament: glow-in-the-dark hammer and lightning shield

    Eagle Eye

    Ability to change from Indian Chief into a soaring Eagle

    • Power: able to see into the future
    • Armament: glow-in-the-dark speak and eagle shield

    Warriors of Evil

    Specter created powers for good...but also for evil. These once-human warriors were evil before they stepped into the Tomb of Doom. Their new powers enable them to seek to impose a rule of evil on all they encounter.


    The evil warrior leader can change into a skeleton with a sinister X-ray eye.

    • Power: to find his victims wherever they hide
    • Armament: glow-in-the-dark club and X-ray shield


    Has the ability to change from snake charmer to deadly cobra.

    • Power: hypnotism
    • Armament: glow-in-the-dark staff and snake shield


    Bestowed with the skill to change from evil knight to fiery spirit.

    • Power: throws flames
    • Armament: glow-in-the-dark flame-thrower and shield of fire

    The good ghostlings

    The good ghostlings support the heroic warriors.


    Changes from court jester to silly spook

    • Power: can walk through walls

    Mr Lucky

    Changes from magician to giant rabbit

    • Power: magic


    Not what you think. Changes from wizard to wise old owl.

    • Power: night sight


    Changes from scientist to invisible man.

    • Power: invisibility

    The bad ghostlings

    The evil ghostlings, whose aim is to create trouble in any time or place.


    Changes from vampire to swooping bat.

    • Power: night flight


    Changes from Egyptian to ragged mummy.

    • Power: wraps-up his victims

    Scary Cat

    Changes from wicked witch to hissing cat

    • Power: casts spells

    Weird Wolf

    Changes from weird punk to teenage wolf.

    • Power: screeching sound

    The Super Naturals comic

    The Super Naturals comic was a short-lived British anthology title based on the 1980s toy line from Tonka.

    Despite a preview issue being given away with 2000ad (prog 546) and the Eagle (issue 293), only nine fortnightly issues were published (October 1987 - March 1988).

    As a sign of things to come, from issue five, the paper quality drops from its initial glossy finish to a much cheaper matt stock. None of the issues have any writer or artist credits.


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