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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 01. "Save Princess Peach!! The Start of a New Adventure!!" (ピーチ姫を救え!! 新冒険開始!! "Pīchi hime wo sukue!! Shinbōken kaishi!!")
  • Chapter 02. "Boom!! One Shot Kill! A Plan to Join Forces" (ドカンと一発!! 合体技炸裂!! "Dokan to ippatsu!! Gattai waza sakuretsu!!")
  • Chapter 03. "Co-Koopa Iggy!! The Magnificent Mental Fight!?" (コクッパ・イギー!! カレイなる頭脳戦!? "Ko Kuppa: Igī!! karei naru zunō sen!?")
  • Chapter 04. "Ultimate Magician!? Kamek Appears!!" (最強の魔法使い!? カメックあらわる!! "Saikyō no mahōtsukai!? Kamekku arawaru!!")
  • Chapter 05. "Cold Underwater Stage!! Does Mario Like Warmer Places!?" (寒~い水中面!! マリオはお熱いのがお好き!? "Kan ~ isui chūmen!! Mario hao atsui nogao suki!?")
  • Chapter 06. "Mario vs. Jugem!! The Biggest Snowball Fight Ever!?" (マリオ対ジュゲム!! 史上最大の雪合戦!? "Mario tai Jugemu!! Shijōsaidai no yukigassen!?")
  • Chapter 07. "Welcome Underground!! Are You Good At Whack-A-Mole?" (ようこそ地底へ!! モグラたたきのあまいわな!? "Yōkoso chitei he!! Mogura tataki no amai wana!?")
  • Chapter 08. "Kamek Returns!! Ultimate Battle of Magic!?" (カメック再登場!! 究極の大魔法合戦!? "Kamekku saitōjō!! Kyūkyoku no dai mahō kassen!?")
  • Chapter 09. "Scardie-cat Indie!! Last Battle on Flames!!" (弱虫インディ!! 炎の池で最後の挑戦!? "Yowamushi Indei!! Honō no ike de saigo no chōsen!?")
  • Chapter 10. "Muscular Appale!? Hammers Aren't Scary!!" (強敵アッパレ!! ハンマーなんてこわくない!? "Kyōteki appare!! Hanmā nante kowakunai!?")
  • Chapter 11. "Awkward Romance!? Koopa-kun's Love Song!!" (純情ロマンス!?クッパくんのある愛の詩!! "Junjō romansu!? Kuppa-kun no aru ai no shi!!")
  • Chapter 12. "Chubby Mario!? Destroy Morton With the P-Balloon!!" (でぶマリオ!? パワーバルーンでモートンをたおせ!! "Debu Mario!? pawā barūn de Mōton wotaose!!")
  • Chapter 13. "Kamek....Again..!? The Amusement Park is Hell!!" (またまたカメック!! 遊園地は地獄だ!? "Matamata Kamekku!! yūenchi ha jigoku da!?")
  • Chapter 14. "Attack of the Flames!? Sumo Wrestling With K.K.!!" (炎のつっぱり!? どすこいK、K、すもう勝負!! "Honō notsuppari!? Dosukoi K.K. sumō shōbu!!")
  • Chapter 15. "What Will Happen!? Mario 5 Appears!?" (どうなる!? マリオ5おどろき大予想!! "Dōnaru!? Mario 5 odoroki daiyosō!!")
  • Bonus Stage. "Super Mario-kun Special 4-Koma Theatre" (どうなる!? マリオ5おどろき大予想!! "Sūpā Mario-kun Supesharu 4-Koma Gekijō")


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Story Arcs

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