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Kenan Kong is a resident of Shanghai, China and lives with his father, a mechanic. At age twelve, Kenan lost his mother in a plane crash. Over the years Kenan grew into an arrogant, selfish person with a grudge against the ones he deems responsible for his mother's death. By age seventeen, Kenan developed a habit of bullying Luo Lixin, son the CEO of China Southeast Airlines, who owned the plane that his mother died in. After finishing his regular ritual of chasing Luo down to steal his lunch, Kenan sees Luo get grabbed by Blue Condor, a new supervillain with a penchant for attacking wealthy families. Rather than flee, Kenan throws a soda can at Condor, forcing him to release Luo and flee. Afterwards, Kenan gets Luo to give him all of the cash he had on him as thanks for the rescue. Kenan is then interviewed by reporter Lacey Lan. An excited Kenan goes to his father's shop to brag and get him to let Laney interview him that night. However, he refuses in because he has something important to do; work with his friends to write a book proving the existence of the Ministry of Self-Reliance. After his dad berates him for his selfishness and continuing to bully Luo despite his warnings, Kenan leaves. He goes to visit his mother's grave for the first time in two years. While there, he is approached by Dr. Omen of the Ministry of Self-Reliance. Believing than Kenan possesses qualities befitting a hero, she offers him a chance to undergo a procedure that will give him the powers of Superman. After agreeing, Kenan is taken to a lab hidden in the Oriental Pearl Tower. As the procedure begins, Kenan realizes how dangerous it is and tries to convince them to abort. Ignoring him, the scientists initiate the procedure and imbue Kenan with a large amount of energy that renders him unconscious. While out he dreams of his mother's death. Unlike others times he has had this dream, he notices one key difference; he is Superman, and he can save his mother. Seeing this shocks him into consciousness, triggering his new powers and destroying his containment pod. Once he calms down, everyone see that the experiment was a success and that he is the New Super-Man.

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