Super Intelligent Gorillas

    Team » Super Intelligent Gorillas appears in 103 issues.

    Intelligent Gorillas that come from Gorilla City.

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    Once ordinary gorillas, they were transformed by the rays from a crashed alien space craft. The now super intelligent gorillas live in Gorilla City, a hidden sanctuary deep in the jungles of Africa. They have developed advanced technology and some have even developed powerful mental abilities. Solovar, his son Nnamdi and Gorilla Grodd have all developed mental powers, allowing them to read minds and control others.

    Barry Allen first discovered the city when he helped King Solovar stop the evil Gorilla Grodd from using his mental powers to control all of the gorillas. Grodd has since been a reoccurring enemy of the Flash and other heroes, while Solovar was a friend and ally up until his death.

    King Solovar was a more progressive ruler, expanding the Gorillas' reach out into Man's world. He always welcomed The Flash into their city as a friend. When Gorilla Grodd damaged the cloaking technology that kept the city invisible, Solovar encouraged integration with the outside world and petitioned the United Nations for recognition. After his death, Ulgo, a scheming ape who was responsible for Solovar's death and even planned to turn all of humanity into Gorillas, became king.

    Solivar's son, Nnamdi, has since replaced Ulgo as king of Gorilla City and has taken his people in a different direction. Nnamdi is an isolationist, preferring to stay completely away from human society. He has even gone so far as to wipe the Flash's mind of the location of Gorilla City in order to stop him from visiting again.

    Once every thousand years, a Nzame is born to the gorillas of Gorilla City. Their birth is a cause for rejoice as the child has the ability to heal others and is considered holy.

    Wonder Woman

    A small group of albino gorilla warriors, led by Tolifhar, come into conflict with Wonder Woman. She makes peace with them and the gorillas swear to protect her. The Gorilla Knights come to live in her house and accompany her on several missions, learning about man's world.


    In the alternate reality world of Flashpoint, Gorilla Grodd is the warrior king of all of Africa. He used his gorilla warriors to kill the human population of the continent and now sits upon his throne, longing for a real challenge. He now has his soldiers battle to the death with each other simply for his own entertainment. While he has taken control of a large portion of the world, Aquaman and Wonder Woman have ignored him in their quest to eradicate the other and take over the world.


    All the gorillas of Gorilla City have super strength and are very intelligent, having developed advanced technologies. Several members of the race have psychic abilities they can use to read minds and control others.


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