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Super Hero Happy Hour

I wasn't expecting very much from Super Hero Happy Hour because it sold very poorly at my store but I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. At its heart it is a fairly decent concept rarely seen in other comics, what would super heroes do when they are off duty, they are just like regular people and after a long day some of them like to go out for a drink and talk to their co-workers and friends.

Many of the super heroes do resemble more mainstream well known heroes like Superman, Batman & Robin, and the Punisher so it was fun to see them let go and show a new aspect of the characters as they deal with picking super hero names, working out licensing deals and picking which super team to join. In the last issue a full on heroes vs villains bar brawl breaks out and reveals secrets about the bar owner and sets up future stories. It is a shame that only a few more issues were published after the trade was released.

If you can find a copy and you enjoy super hero books or unique indy books you should give Super Hero Happy Hour a shot.

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