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    The Super Friends is a more kid friendly version of the Justice League of America and was a popular television show during the 1970s. Several volumes used the popularity of the shows name for titling.

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    The Superfriends first teamed up to find and defeat the Power Pirate. Power Pirate was a villain who was Alien who came to Earth in human disguise and was stealing the power from Plane, Ships, Automobiles, and Trains. The Superfriends discover that he is stealing the power to help save his planet Troum, because his people had used up all of their planets power. The Super Friends feel sorry for him and agree to help his people by giving them a new source of power. The story ends with the Superfriends teaching us to not to waste our resources or we will end up like Power Pirate.

    The Superfriends then engage in a search for a mysterious scientist calling himself Professor Baffles who has demanded 1 million dollars to stop. The Superfriends discover that he is the one behind the recenty disappearing Encyclopedias, Money, and Lithographs. Wendy and Marvin get to meet him, while the Superfriends are still desperately searching for him. It is revealed that an elderly and meager inventor by the name of Mr. Mergen is one in the same as the elusive Professor Baffles. Mr. Mergen has created an unstable formula that is able to make various object simply vanish. Mergen insists that mankind has proven themselves incompetently corrupt, and that he has years of evidence to support his claim. So he is literally erasing history so that we can begin anew as a race. It is revealed that the 1 million dollar ransom was not his idea, but it was the idea of his greedy assistants Darby and Dabney. Darby and Dabney then proceed to kidnap Marvin, Wendy and the Professor. They hold them hostage for a ransom of 5 million dollars, and set up all kinds of traps for the Superfriends who are sure to respond to this threat. However, Wonder Dog, has the ability to sniff out the Professor because the almond odor he invented, and this leads to Darby and Dabny the two bumbling criminals demise.

    When Professor Goodfellow, creates the G.E.E.C. (pronounced geek) AKA Goodfellow’s Effort Eliminating Computer, which cause Machines to function all on their own without the assistance of man ,the Superfriends investigate. Goodfellow wants to free society of every menial task with this machine, which essentially does everything for us. Insisting to the Superfriends who believe that this machine is potentially dangerous, and if used irresponsibly could cause significant societal damage if not death, that his machine is fully protected against any malfunctions or unpermitted usage. However this is not, the case when a mouse ends up inside the gears of the machine, and turns the entire world topsy turvy. This resullt in the teams need of a more flexible super hero, they call in Plastic Man, who removes the mouse and save the world. The Professor tucks the Machine away until the day he can fully fool proof it.

    During Summer Vacation, Wendy and Marvin are taking a nice relaxing swim when all of a sudden their pool water turns to solid ice, freezing and terrified they call upon the Superfriends who come and save them, they then realize that the Gulf Stream has shifted. So they depart to find out what exactly is going on out at sea. They discover that a man by the name of Doctor Thinquick who lives in the North Pole, is shifting the streams in hopes of warming up his lands freezing bitter climate. He is doing all of this via his jet nozzle on his Tugboat. Not caring what will happen to the rest of the world. The Superfriends foil his plans, and destroy, his boat, setting the climate back to the way it should be.

    When a talking bird tells Wendy and Marvin of a man named Dr. Pelagian who is waging his own war against three industrial companies run by Luther Fenwick, Agotha Caroway and J. Mortimer Hutchinson, who are polluting earths water, and refuse to change to cleaner more efficient methods. They inform the Superfriends. The Superfriends’ attempt to be civil and reasonable about it by talking to Fenwick, Caroway and Hutchinson about reforming their businesses. This fails on all three accounts. Which forces them to seek out Dr. Pelagian and his submarine, there they discover why he cares so much for the ocean and it’s inhabitants. As it turns out Dr. Pelagian is a false name, that Ansil Hilsbrandt created for himself, when he took to studying the sea, throughout his under water years, Hilsbrandt created a machine that allowed him to speak to the oceans creatures, much like Aquaman. They team up force the Industrialist monsters out of the ocean.

    Marvin, Wendy, and Wonder Dog go on a hiking trip in the mountains. When the discover that someone is using a giant magnet and lasers to blast away bits of the mountain. They once again call upon the Superfriends. When the Superfriends arrive the discover Dr. Simeon Shamon who is using this tech to mine the mountain for gold. What he selfish fool doesn’t realize is that this combination equipment is having an unusual effect on the mountains wildlife causing them to grow to massive size, even Wonder Dog is not immune to these effects, and grows giant himself. The uncaring and ignorant attitude of the doctor causes, his assitant Madam LaBone to quit. LaBone, teams up with the Superfriends, and shows them a mist she discovered called Shamonite. The mist turns out was created by the mining, and is what is causing the mutations in the wildlife. When shown the effects of Shamonite, the doctor sympathetically shuts down the operation. The Superfriends then search for a way to return things in the mountain to normal. Which happens when Superman uses his super-breath to blow all of the Shamonite away.

    When things on Earth begin to heat up, as a massive and extremely high heat wave is sweeping across the globe. The Superfirends discover the Earth is being pulled closer to the Sun, by some unknown force. To help return the earth to it’s natural, orbit, the Superfriend’s call in the Flash, he speeds around the world setting it straight. Wendy and Marvin throughout these events spot, an odd man dressing in winter like clothes at the scenes of the biggest heat spikes. They decide to follow him. This leads them to a lair he owns in Volcano just off the coast of Malibah. When he takes off his outfit the kids discover that he is an Alien being called, Kolbar from the planet known as Solartararium, a once extremely volatile and hot planet, no cold. He is searching for a new world for his people to live, but they need a hot one. The Superfriends discover, that his planet is getting cooler because of all the pollutants. So Superman, the Flash, and Aquaman travel with Kolbar to his homeworld, where they execute a clean-up program that saves his people. Kolbar promises he and his people will no longer be a problem and have learned their lesson on pollution.

    When a space shuttle launch goes horribly wrong at the Cape Courageous Space Center, the Superfriends come to investigate. They discover that a robot inventor going by the name of Dr. Rebos has threatened the center. Pilots, Astronauts, Command Center and all are terribly frightened . Rebos declares that he has built the robots and is attacking the space station as a statement that the human race is placing to much attention on space, and not enough on the citizens of Earth. When Rebos and his assistant Loco create a robotic duplicate of Wonder Dog, which they send to attack the space station. This results in Colonel Wilcox placing the blame on the real Wonder Dog, whom is innocent. Marvin and Wendy set out to try and clear Wonder Dog’s name, when the Superfriends have their hands full battling a robotic duplicate of Superman who was sent to destroy a space station on the surface of Mars. Superman tells the rest of the team to go and take out Rebo while he deals with the duplicate of himself. Wendy and Marvin prove Wonder Dog innocent when the Superfriend’s defeat Dr. Rebo.

    Yet another group of aliens come to Earth in search of aid due to the pollution of their planet, This time it is a family of balloon people. The father Krim, the mother Gloma, their daughter Plinky, and the family dog Grunk. They have left their planet in search of cleaner air. The family have superpowers as well, they may inflate to huge sizes as well as deflate to much smaller sizes, the also have telepathy and telekinesis. But they become the focus of uncanny interest to Noah Tall and his sidekick Twisty. Noah and Twisty kidnap the alien family and take them to his private island for experiments, The Superfriends rescue them without much effort.

    When GREPS a group that uses raw plastic, begins having it stolen they call in the Superfriends to find out what is happening and where this missing plastic is. They discover the thief to be King Plasto, a man who is bent on creating his image of a perfect world, a world he can shape and mold, a plastic world. He has created an entire society out of this raw plastic, Motor Vehicles, Buildings, and even geese who poop plastic eggs everywhere. He was able to steal the plastic and build this society via the aid of two minions Princess Poly Lean and Styro who he had planted as undercover agents at GREPS to steal the plastic and leak secret information. To throw the Superfriends of course he sends out an army of his plastic geese who poop plastic eggs that release plastic UFO's, plastic monsters, and plastic buildings that slow down the Superfriends who are hot on his trail. However the Superfriends still manage to capture and arrest the three offenders, Plasto, Polly, and Styro are thrown in jail. And we learn we cannot and should not destroy the world to make a new one, especially a plastic one.

    A Jet with a blue laser is destroying gold, and causing disasters, by causing buildings to collapse, and breaking the sealing on Dams. The Jet turns out to be piloted by two fanatics who believe that money is the root of all of man’s evil, and hence forth are destroying gold. The Superfriends, along with Marvin and Wendy board the Jet and convince Hank and Ben the two extremists that what they are doing is wrong.

    When Raven an evil scientist from another world is using the power of a White Dwarf star to make objects disappear, and that he values science more the human life. The Superfriends spring to action. During these event it is revealed the Raven is an evil genius and not just a scientist, and that he was imprisoned by Superman at one point. And now he has a personal grudge and has a vendetta against the big blue boy scout. Raven has his own private island in the sky, and is attempting force an Earthling family to give him the green stone they possess, but they keep refusing him. It is revealed that this is a chunk of Kryptonite, and that Raven wants to use it to de-power the Man of Steel and kill him, paying him back for the imprisonment mentioned earlier. Raven captures Wendy and Marvin inside of a building and ransoms them for the Kryptonite , he then uses it to put Kal-El on trial. But fails to convict him, and is ultimately defeated by the Superfriends.

    While on a quest to find missing air-conditioners, the Superfriends end up in a subterranean adventure. Wendy and Marvin go hiking, and discover a mysterious cave entrance that leads them underground as well. The team discovers the underground world where otherwise in-animate objects such as trees, and rocks are able move about all on their own. They also run into two older denizens of this place calling themselves Minimus and Maximus Mole (Mini and Max) and have been using their magical substance they call “Walk Water” to make these objects move. And that they are using the stolen air conditioners to cool off.

    The Superfriend’s are called to help when the entire crew of a Space Station is Shrunk down to two inches tall. Dr. Gulliver believes that be shrinking people he can solve the issue of the world’s dwindling food supply, Smaller Bodies = Smaller Stomachs therefore reducing the amount of food we eat, leaving more to go around.

    Batman and Robin attempt to intercede Gulliver’s plans only to get themselves shrunk, when Gulliver realizes that the other team members may be a problem as well he seeks them out one by one and shrinks Superman. Aquaman and Diana.

    This shrinkage also reduces the effectiveness of their super-powers. Gulliver then locks them into tiny glass bottles in his castle, and creates an auditory program so that if anyone listens to the Radio or watches Television they will be shrunken. When Marvin and Wendy find out of the heroe’s peril the call upon Oliver Queen the Green Arrow for help, despite getting himself shrunk as well the tiny green archer rescues our heroes and defeats Doctor Gulliver.

    When a red light is shone upon diamonds and the diamonds are then replaced with counterfeit diamonds by the insidiously misguided Dr. LaBond, to power his weapon the “Planet Splitter”. He intends to use the Splitter to cut the Earth in half so that it will function as a secondary moon. Wendy and Marvin exclaim to the mad Doctor that, that would only create abnormal weather conditions he ignores them, telling them he is positive it will work. When Batman and Robin, stick a tracking device to one of the diamonds that gets stolen, they discover that the doctors assistant is the real criminal, and that he has been tricking the doctor into believing that the project will work. Wilbur is then arrested and the doctor abandons the crazy scheme.

    The Superfriend’s are needed once again when a mysterious red tide, is disrupting the natural patterns of the sea. It is the work of two water based aliens who are stealing water to power their races mothership, so that they can bring the rest of their people. Aquaman, plays an integral role in defeating these Aliens.

    The Superfriends are once again called into action, this time with new team members Jayna and Zan , also known as the Wonder Twins and their super monkey Gleek.

    The Wonder Twins first mission is to investigate strange reports coming from Grand Bahia. The reports claim that an underground race of people called the Earthors are causing trouble by mining for resources for their industries. The Twins end up getting captured, as the Earthors use their materials to build a giant artificial Superman, which is easily defeated by the Superfriends, while the twins escape and defeat the Earthors.

    Kalmo of the Planet Krono, requires the aid of the Superfriends, when Dictor an evil Kronan steals the planets medallion, a medallion the keeps all of the Kronans eternally youthful. Dictor intends to use to medallion to try and conquer the galaxy. The medallion has the ability to accelerate or reverse time effects. Dictor uses the Medallion to turn Kalmo into an elderly man, and when the Superfriends step into protect Kalmo, Dictor uses the Medallion to turn the Superfriends into children. But even in child form the Superfriends are still more that a match for Dictor, who is swiftly defeated, and they use the new Medallion created by Kalmo to reverse the effects of the previous one.

    While the Superfriends are taking a nice day off at the Zoo, an evil alien being from the planet X3, named Mongor Shrinks the entire City and places it in a glass bottle. The Superfriends eventually escape, and find themselves on X3, a frozen planet far from the sun. They create “Ice Mobiles” and go on to defeat Mongor, and return the City it’s inhabitants and themselves to normal.

    When a meteor crashes into a swamp in Florida, it mutates the local plant life into mobile viscous versions of the former plants that contaminate anything they come into contact with. During a battle with the plant monsters Superman and Wonder Woman become poisoned when the plants touch them, it’s up to Batman and Robin to hold the plants at bay while Aquaman searches for a cure. Arthur returns with a cure, and a solution to make the plants de-evolve back into normal plants.

    Tyrannic is the ruler of Oceania a city of docile water people who are consistently entertained by the bloodsports and monsters from Tyrannic’s colosseum. They view all surface dweller’s as weaklings and cowards. But they are mesmerized when they bare witness to Aquaman, wrestling and defeating a giant squid that is trying to eat a naval ship. Aquaman feels his strength fading, when the people use their invisible Muscle rays on him. Once they have him captured. They then learn of the other Superfriends and capture them, forcing them to fight to the death, unbeknownst to them though the Superfriends have disabled the Muscle Ray and are faking the fight so that Aquaman, can defeat Tyrannic, and they bring the city down.

    Earth and it’s people are reverted back to prehistoric and Neanderthal ways when Cave men, enslave the modern population. With all of the modern technology gone the Superfriends must resort to nature to find out who caused this. They find out that it was a scientist from the future named Varko, who has been the judge and jury of Earth and has now used his de-evolution machine on mankind by sending it back through time. He is also the one controlling the Cave People who have taken over. The Superfriends find aid, from the scientist team at a Skylab space Station, that was unaffected by the De-evolution machine because they were in space at the time it was used. Up there Batman teams with the scientist and they create a time machine to go back in time and prevent Dr. Varko from using his de-evolution machine.

    Insector the leader of an alien insect army has been exiled from his home world. He and his insect army attack planet Earth. He uses the spray his insects produce, to take control of the military personnel and steal a Mason Energizer, a weapon he intends to use to turn his home world, and everyone on it to solid stone. The Wonder Twins in alternate forms, spy on him and find his hidden base deep in the Amazon Jungle. They inform the rest of the team, but upon invading his base, a panicked Insector, uses the Mason Energizer to zap Superman and Wonder Woman turning them to stone. Which results in Batman and Robin saving them.

    Aquaman’s archenemy Black Manta is plunged into battle with the Superfriends after using a sea creature he is controlling to hijack and rob cruise ships and luxury liners. He sets up a trap in which he catches Aquaman and steals his telepathy, making more easily able to control the sea creature, whom he uses to attack the Superfriends who are more than a match for it, Manta releases Auquaman, and flees from the Superfriends.

    The Superfriends are needed yet again, when Medulla an evil telepath takes control of every female on earth including Wonder Woman and Jayna. Medulla also infuses the women with the power to make men dematerialize. And things look bad for the team until Diana is able to fight of the mind control, and turn it against Medulla, freeing all the women.

    A giant indestructible probe, from the planet Xeno is harvesting, people, wildlife, plants, machines, and buildings, unable to harm it even the Wonder Twins get caught by it. The Superfriends receive a transmission from Xeno, the images on screen show a giant race of beings, The group tries to reason with the aliens. But when the Xenons refuse to call off the giant probe attacks, Superman pays the planet a visit, and discovers, that the images on screen were the result of a camera trick, and that the people of Xeno are nothing more than the size of a mouse. Superman trounces the ignorant race, and returns to earth tossing the now defunct probe into the outer reaches of space.

    Lionex, leader of the Lion Men, has made a deal with intergalactic crime lords, to cut the earth into five pieces and sell them on the intergalactic black market. Lionex and his team of Lion Men, hijack a space station orbiting Earth at gun point, and use the station experimental Strata Beam to cut the Earth into five even portions. Lionex having known of the Superfriends, and knowing that Superman is the most powerful member, planned ahead by purchasing a large hunk of kryptonite, and uses it to generate a force field around the station, so that Superman cannot get near. This leaves the assault on the Space station up to the other members of the team, they team splits into two groups, group one is Wonder Woman, the Wonder Twins, and Gleek. Group two is Superman, Batman, Robin, and Aquaman. Group one is sent to capture, and defeat Lionex, and his team. While Group two is sent to find a Magnetic Pulse ray to pull the drifting sections of Earth back together. However group one fails, Lionex prove to cunning and powerful for Diana and the Wonder Twins. Lionex also learns thanks to the weakness of the Wonder Twins of what team two is doing, and he send his Lion Men to stop team two. However Gleek manages to rescue the Wonder Twins discreetly and they remove the kryptonite shield, which then leads to Superman arriving, and defeating Lionex.

    The Superfriends must shrink themselves to rescue Professor Wong and his close assistant Mary, who have been shrunken by the vile Doctor Strickland, Strickland stole Professor Wong’s experimental shrinking machine, and intends to use it to make himself filthy rich. Superman and Wonder Woman, decide to stay at normal size so they can catch Strickland, While the rest of the Superfriends shrink down to find Wong and Mary. During their journey to rescue the two, they team must contend with creatures that would otherwise be no threat such as mice, bugs, and more. Superman and Diana Capture Strickland, and force him to return the team, and Mary, and Wong back to normal.

    Dr. Corloff, unleashes and ancient evil mummy that he uses to steal, three items that can together help him take over the world but is foiled rather quickly by Batman and Robin.

    Professor Thero, is a scientist whose controversial and illegally immoral experiments got him terminates from his job, he then vows revenge by, using a giant magnetic machine to pull a dead planet towards earth, to kill all of mankind. As the planet draws nearer Superman becomes weaker, it is revealed the core of the dead planet is kryptonite, a material which drains Kal-El of his energy, and super powers. This leaves it yet again up to Batman and Robin, who defeat Thero, and reverse the pull, so it pushes the planet safely away from Earth.

    When the embittered ghost of Jim Craddock, returns it set out for revenge on Superman and Wonder Woman, who turn out to the reason his spirit was sent to the grave originally. The Ghost proves trick, due to the fact that Superpowers are in effective against it. This results in Jim being able to sub-due both Superman and Diana and take them to the afterlife court, where they are sentenced to become ghosts as well. Batman and Robin, eventually find a spell book, which allows them to put Jim to rest, and return Superman and Wonder Woman to life.


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