Super Friends #9

    Super Friends » Super Friends #9 - Three Ways to Kill a World released by DC Comics on December 1977.

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    “Three Ways to Kill a World.” Grax attacks the Hall of Justice while the Super Friends are distracted defusing his bombs.

    Issue Tagline:

    Smashing Out of the TV Screen-- Your Saturday Morning Favorites--

    Viewing from the JLA Satellite, the heroes watch Green Arrow and the Tasmanian Devil reach a bomb in Australia. It is a white kryptonite bomb which (if it exploded ) would kill all the plant life on earth. Superman explains how to Zan and Jayna. Guarding the bomb are 2 alien monsters, different from any of the other monster guards, and between GA's trick arrows and the Tasmanian Devil's size and strength, the creatures are held at bay. Green Arrow used his magnetic arrow to foul up the bomb's timer and the bomb stopped and the creatures disappeared.

    In the Mid-Atlantic, Aquaman uses his telepathy aimed to the coast of Denmark to call Ulla, the Little Mermaid. Aquaman shows Ulla where the bomb is. He has it in the ocean, in a cube of air. Ulla's ability to fly will enable her to reach it, but she doesn't know how to diffuse a bomb, so Aquaman guides her telepathically. Back on the Satellite, Superman explains to Marvin how this bomb would disturb the continental shelves, causing the Earth to explode much like Krypton did.

    After finding the bomb, Aquaman instructs the Little Mermaid to flip 2 switches and pull the wire out. With the bomb diffused the air pocket collapses, but Ulla's ability to stay underwater for 30 hours allows her to withstand the rush of water.

    Wonder Woman and The Olympian are in Greece. They spot a cave which mysteriously appeared and battled through rays, robots and a gas. They see what appears to be their destination and there is Colonel Conquest. After defeating him, The Olympian realizes there is no bomb and they hit the wrong place.

    Back at the JLA Satellite the heroes realize they were thinking the way an earthman thinks and not an alien. Europe as Superman says is really part of Asia, so the only continent that they didn't check is Antarctica. Wendy finds the place which is at absolute 0 and there are strange creatures around it. Wendy tells Superman it is rigged if any heat goes near it. However, the JLA computer finds the Norwegian heroine Ice Maiden can cut off her body heat, so they call her. The JLA go with her to battle the creatures, while Ice Maiden diffuses the bomb. Back on the Satellite, Zan and Jayna wonder what this bomb would do and Wendy lets the computer explain. Evidently, the heat from the bomb would melt the Antarctic icecap not only causing great flooding but also causing the earth to spin out of orbit. Grax arrives to destroy the Wonder Twins and he counter-acts their power with his ray gun. Wendy and Marvin attack Grax high and low tackling him to the ground. Meanwhile, Ice Maiden is successful in diffusing the final bomb. When the JLA return to the Satellite they see Marvin on top of Grax. The Super Friends admit that Wendy and Marvin graduated. They however are intending to go to college. The issue ends with Zan and Jayna asking to be trained, and the Super Friends accepting.


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