Super Friends #8

    Super Friends » Super Friends #8 - The Mind Killers released by DC Comics on November 1977.

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    In this issue, the Super Friends have 26 minutes to save billions of people from “The Mind Killers!”

    Superman, Elongated Man and Flash return to the JLA Satellite after diffusing four bombs. Flash asked if the others left safely and Marvin confirms that Black Canary, Batman and Robin, Red Tornado, the Atom and Green Lantern are off to diffuse the bombs which will wipe the minds of the Earth's populace.

    Gleek is using his elastic tail to entangle Wonder Dog, and Elongated Man separates the two creating a much need laugh yet Superman is wondering that they are playing around with pets while the world is still in danger.

    The Atom meets up with Rising Sun in Japan. The bomb is encased in a cube which will explode if the glass is cracked or heat activates it. Atom can travel at microscopic size to penetrate the cube, but it would take too long, so Rising Sun offers to guide him along at the speed of light. Once in, Atom diffuses the bomb.

    In Ireland, Green Lantern meets up with Jack O Lantern. They find an emerald gem holding the bomb. The gem is guarded by blue alien creatures and once they leave the gem, the color changes to yellow (which is immune to GL's Power Ring) The creatures grow in size but Jack O Lantern uses his power of pyshogue which makes an enemy see things that are not there. GL Captures the creatures and Jack OLantern uses his lantern to transfer the bomb out of the gem where it is easily diffused. Green Lantern then flies the alien creatures to another planet.

    Red Tornado meets up with Tuatara in New Zealand. They realize that a time shift caused the bomb to be in a different time pd and with Tuatara's 4th eye, he is able to find Grax working on the bomb. It is over 120 million years in the past. RT uses his tornado power to take him to the exact time but unknowingly takes Tuatara with him . Dinosaurs are an obstacle to the bomb, So Red Tornado distracted the dinosaurs, while Tuatara diffused the bomb.

    Batman and Robin team up with Bushmaster in Venezuela where they are investigating a Water Cube in which the bomb is submerged. Using his reptilian powers, Bushmaster is able to reach the water and sees where the bomb is. However, there area lien water monsters after him, so the dynamic duo battle the creatures. After a struggle, Bushmaster diffuses the bomb and the water cube collapses causing a rush of water but the heroes withstood its fury.

    In Taiwan, Black Canary meets up with the Thunderlord. They find the bomb in a vacuum stopping the air from coming in and negating the sonic powers of the 2 heroes. Thunderlord tries anyway and while he could not shatter the cube, the bomb moved several feet. Both heroes then decided to use their powers on opposite sides of the cube and after several tries, the cube fell apart. Black Canary deactivates it but Thunderlord is worried because BC seems unsteady. She just said this adventure on top of the trip to the 30th Century (JLA 147-148) tired her out. Back at the JLA Satellite Wonder Woman (along with Aquaman and Green Arrow) says they located 3 more bombs. This time Grax didn't give any clues, except if one goes off; all human life will be destroyed. So Marvin sends WW, Aquaman and GA to earth.


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