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“The Monster Menace.” Two monstrous creatures go after a couple of treasures, and the Super Friends attempt to stop them.

The story begins with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman asking if the Wonder Twins could stay with Professor Nichols. He said that he would be happy to help them adjust to Earth. When the SF said that the kids would need secret identities, Professor Nichols came up with the idea that they will be from some European Country. WW tells Jayna that Wendy wanted her to have the charm bracelet with all of the Super Friends' communication devices. Finally Superman tells the twins that they are better off practicing their skills out in the country.

Outside of Gotham City, the Wonder Twins are studying the terrain and the animal life, when they come across 7 "Monsters" chasing a "beautiful female. The twins come to the aid of the young lady when Zan takes the form of a tornado and Jayna the form of a horse. Jayna tells the young woman to get on and Zan whirls them to the Hall of Justice. There they contact the Super Friends. The young lady identifies herself as Cherry Mott and says that she needs help retrieving her inheritance left by her grandfather. She also says that the monsters were sent to get the treasure before she could claim it. The Super Friends are told that the two treasures are hidden in the Black Caverns and the Barracuda Deeps. They split into 2 teams. Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin and Gleek to Black Caverns and Superman, Aquaman, Zan and Jayna to the Barracuda Deeps.

At the Black Caverns, 4 of the "creatures are there". Batman and Robin battle the Vampires and Wonder Woman takes on the werewolf. She is amazed at his strength. Robin uses a flash of light to turn the female bat to human form. Batman is amazed at the male vampire's toughness. The mummy uses his elastic wrap to entangle Wonder Woman but Gleek appears and helps with his tail. Once the "monsters are defeated, Gleek gives the Super Friends the treasure: which is a yellow ring. (they should have deduced something was amiss.)

Meanwhile Superman, Aquaman, Zan( a wave) and Jayna (a swordfish) are arriving at the Barracuda Deeps. They quickly encounter 3 more of the creatures. The creature that looks like Frankenstein's Monster battled Superman and the Man of Steel was amazed by his opponents speed, agility and strength. Aquaman took on the being in the water and they disappeared into the sea. Superman needed the help of the Wonder Twins to defeat Superior Man. Superman used his super breath to turn the wave (Zan) into us and directed at their foe, Superiorman was knocked out. The third being shot a ray that seemingly hurt Superman. Jayna changed form to avoid injury but her lack of knowledge of sea creatures limited her to turn into a goldfish, yet she was unharmed by the ray. Aquaman emerged from the depths stating that his opponent put up quite a fight and he had the treasure, which was a gold lantern. Superman mentioned that it was odd that the treasure was a gold lantern.

When the team arrives with the lantern and the ring, Cherry Mott is grateful although Aquaman said there were no signs that the lantern was magical. When Robin said they defeated 4 "monsters" and their treasure was a ring, Superman became very curious. He used his X-Ray vision to check under the cloak of one of the beings and realized that the SF were being played for fools because the cloaked being was a Green Lantern. The alien Green Lantern was surprised to see that the SF were friends of this planet's GL. He said that he was cloaked because he didn't know who on earth new of the power ring's weakness to anything yellow. GL revealed that his friends were all heroes and they introduced themselves through Interlac. Thus the vampire was named Batman and found it that his only defeat came from another hero named Batman. Cherry Mott was revealed to be a villainess known as Char Ymat and she now had access to Sinestro's Power Ring. Superman had her tell the story and her plan so that the Wonder Twins could plan a diversion and that GL could recharge his ring. Then GL was easily able to defeat Char Ymat due to his experience and greater will-power. Both Teams left on friendly terms and Jayna understood that as a goldfish , her yellow color protected her from the power ring. Superman also realized that the ray which weakened him was a kryptonite beam and GL confirmed it although he didn't know the name, he just scanned Superman's body for a weakness. Zan realized the moral was that the creatures were the true heroes and that the beautiful woman was the monster. Robin confirmed that they all should remember never to judge a book by its cover.


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