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Super Duper Comics #3

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    F.E. Howard publications presents a Canadian Golden Age classic "Super Duper Comics" #3. I cannot find any other issues of this series and am unsure if they exist. Many of the later F.E. Howard publications are very rare. This issue is significant because it includes the only known Golden Age appearance of Fred Kelly's Mr.Monster.
 The Story:
The lead story features the debut of Doctor Jim Stearne A.K.A. Mr. Monster, as he battles "The Terror of Trezma" a seemingly Immortal creature who has broken free of his Dark Ages era prison. Just like in his modern incarnation by Michael T Gilbert, Mr. Monster doesn't play around tracking down the terror, and shoving his gun down it's throat and blowing it's brains out.

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Next we get a tale of "Cinder" Smith, Teen-aged Railway Employee and man of action. There is a new tough-guy on the Canadian rails and his name is Ape Hogan, Cinder senses something isn't right when fare-jumpers start turning up beaten or dead, and decides to get to the bottom of it.

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Cinder Smith is Followed by the Funny Animal tale "Out of the Woods", and the short two-pager prose tale "The Scientist of Lightning Peak". Then we get a beautifully illustrated tale of " Tang the Wonder Horse". Tang a brilliant Horse and his Cowboy, Buddy ride into Coffin City, and help battle a corrupt former Train Foreman and find a missing Train.

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  Next up is the very offensive racist toon Java Bean which I will not dignify with comments. This is followed by the Adventure tale of Jeff Waring, whom journeys deep into the jungle badlands of Brazil who rescues girlfriend Kay from the clutches of the strange Maraoco Indians.

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Last we have Nelvana of the Northern Lights a heroine who is the daughter of Koliak the God of the Northern Lights is sent by her father to aid the Eskimos against  their enemies, we are introduced breifly to the land of "Glacia" and some of it's inhabitants. Then Nelvana is forced to do battle with Legions of Etheria. Vultor an evil Glacian is behind the Etherian threat using her mighty Electric powers Nelvana defeats him and restores peace to both kingdoms.

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The Good:   
Except for the Racist Java Bean, This is a cool book it not only introduces eventual cult hero Mr.Monster, but features a few other cool forgotten heroes as well. Of particular interest to me was Nelvana who is very cool and I had never been aware of. The art is split between Fred Kelly and another Artist I could not discern. Tang being the best illustrated tale in the bunch though Mr. Monster has great atmosphere.
The Bad
Except for Java Bean not much, I wish there was more to be seen with Nelvana and Mr.Monster from this era.
The Verdict: 4/5:  
Overall Classic Golden age stuff. The only thing that prevented it being a 5/5 was the overt racism in the one Java Bean story.
It was really cool to read the issue I have seen referenced in so many modern issues of Mr. monster from Dark Horse.

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