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A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Kirkman style.

Robert Kirkman is one of the most popular writers in comics for many reason.  My personal favorite his his ability to take an old idea and make it fresh again.  Great example was Walking Dead, it is HUGE!  Not because it is a story were we want to see people killed by zombies, but a story where we actually cheer for the people.  Super Dinosaur is the re-imagination of the classic 
1864 story "A Journey to the Center of the Earth".  He takes interior earth and makes this story kid friendly with a Marvel action twist.  Think of a T-Rex plus War Machine.

The Free Comic Book Day comic from Image was the origin special of Super Dinosaur and it was fun primer to explain what the series is about.  There is also character profile pages which is a nice touch.  This was a fun comic and a refreshing take on an old tale.  Image comics seems to me the new Vertigo when it comics to blending literature and comics.  Books like this give Image the true edge, because Image is making books for a variety of ages, while Vertigo focuses on the mature.

Super Dinosaur has the potential to be a great series from my judgment of this comics alone.  Who doesn't love the idea of Dinosaurs still a live in the center of our planet?  Who doesn't love War Machine's heavy weapons?  Put them together, it sounds like a winner to me.

- Silkcuts

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