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    All Ages Means All Ages

    Lets start with a quick heads up, I'm already convinced that Robert Kirkman is a great comic book writer. There, now you know my bias as I talk about how much I enjoyed this book. 

    When someone sets out to write an all ages book the best thing you can do, as an adult comic book reader, is assume it's not made for you. This is the only way you can survive in the world without hating most all ages books. This book on the other hand is a portal back to childhood. Kirkman stands by his multi-layered plot lines method of story telling, as well he should, making me want to keep reading. Thats not to say the writing is perfect, the dialogue is written by an adult to sound like a kid. This results in the usual "totally awesome"  from the main character Derek Dynamo. Don't get me wrong he is still just as fun as the other characters. Super Dinosaur is the most laid back talking dinosaur best friend any kid could ask for. His father Doctor Dynamo is basically Doctor Light, and the villain of the book Doctor Max Maximus is Doctor Wily. Then there is the new group who are joining the team, they are... people? It's the classic issue one problem, how much time do you spend on action as opposed to fleshing out every character? They will get their fair share of time in the future of this book but in this issue their plot sort of falls flat. There are so many subplots in this issue I could go one forever about it but instead you should just pick it up.

    Oh, also, Jason Howard's art is really fun in a "best Saturday morning cartoon ever" sort of way.


    • Truly All Ages
    • Fun story
    • Great Action


    • Adult writing as a kid
    • Want to know more about some of the characters (although is that really a bad thing) 

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