Super-Cobalt Robot

    Character » Super-Cobalt Robot appears in 3 issues.

    The Super-Cobalt Robot was a creation of Ralph Roberts, while the inventor was in the service of Tyrannus.

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    The Super-Cobalt Robot was about 25 feet (8 meters) tall and consisted of reinforced cobalt. The alloy created by Roberts was far more durable than steel and harder than diamond. It was also supposed to be highly resistant to heat. But Ralph was not particularly loyal to Tyrannus and made the robot vulnerable to heat attacks.  
    The robot was equipped with a giant sword and shield. But in battle it discarded the shield and used the sword in a two-handed style. Its blows shattered diamond. Its strenght level can be estimated to being able to lift c. 50 tons.  
    In combat, the Super-Cobalt Robot was able to defeat and destroy the Diamond Android of the Mole Man. But Harvey had recently acquired the services of a trio of X-Men (Angel, Iceman, Marvel Girl). Warren was able to use magnesium to "blind" the robot and knock it off balance. He send it crushing in a lava pit. Its only design flaw ensured its destruction. 


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