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    Flying Stag is an Iroquois warrior who derives his powers from a talisman known as the Manitou Stone. His descendant, Jon Standing Bear took up the mantle of Super-Chief after him, but the stone was returned to Flying Stag after his successor's death.

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    Selfless Super Hero
    Selfless Super Hero

    At a time before colonization came to America, Flying Stag was the greatest warrior and hunter of the Wolf Clan. Flying Stag took part in a contest to name the successor to the position of Royaneh when the current one of the time died, as was the custom. On his way to compete for the title of Supreme Chief of the Iroquois Nations, Flying Stag found himself trapped in a pit by a rival trio of warriors who were also vying for the position of chief and felt his well-known prowess as a warrior and hunter would guarantee Flying Stag victory. While unconscious, the Great Spirit Manitou addressed him after having heard the fallen man's selfless pleas for all native people, knowing the men responsible for his predicament had nefarious reasons for wanting the title of Royaneh. The spirit informed the strong warrior he would become leader of all Royanehs, having been chosen by the Great Spirits to lead all native peoples. The Great Spirit instructed Flying Stag to appear before the Council House to compete for the title of Royaneh of the Nations as Saganowhana - Super Chief - and not as himself having sacrificed personal glory in payment for protection of his people. A meteorite hurled down from the sky, landing next to Flying Stag. The long term exposure to the meteorite provided the fallen man with a form of immortality.

    Upon waking, Manitou instructed Flying Stag to fashion moccasins, leggings and a horned mask from a buffalo nearby who had been felled by lightning for the purpose of hiding his true identity. The native warrior also created a talisman from a piece of the meteorite which would become known as the Manitou Stone, responsible for giving its wearer incredible powers when illuminated. As told by the Great Spirit, he went on to win the contest, becoming Chief Above Chiefs.


    Super Chief is a DC character, created by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino. His first appearance was in All-Star Western #68, a comic issued in 1961.

    Character Evolution

    Flying Stag was known as a mighty warrior among his people and his loyalty and protections of them was paramount to him. Taking on the mantle of Super-Chief meant the sacrifice of his name and honour as Flying Stag - as he participated in the tournament for the new Royaneh not as himself but Super-Chief. This resulted in his dissolution of his engagement to his true love White Fawn by her father who fortunately insisted she marry the Super-Chief. He was a great hero for his people and a great ally to many superheroes in the future - considered to alive due to his immortality but suffering dementia. He was last seen interacting with the last Super-Chief, John Standing Bear in the spirit-world when the younger man had been killed while wearing the Manitou Stone, but it was never made clear if this was an ability of his or if he himself had passed on.

    Major Story Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Fighting Firebrand
    Fighting Firebrand

    Super Chief becomes known over the years as a protector of native peoples. Due to a temporal crisis, Super Chief was transported to the year 1985, hundreds of years into the future and seemingly attacks a Space Shuttle in the eyes of Firebrand. During their battle, the 1940's heroine became aware that the native super-hero was after Ultra-Humanite who was in the shuttle (ALL-STAR SQUADRON #54-55). After defeating the villain together, Super Chief was able to return to his own time period. He also time travelled to the future and allied himself with various Western heroes and Firebrand, along with her former lover Cyclotron.

    Super Chief would usually be accompanied by his side-kick Light Foot, the brother of his love White Fawn who would later become his wife. Due to the immortality given to him by the long time exposure to the meteorite he remains alive although he suffers from dementia.


    In the future, while under the care of Bat Lash, he came across a young man by the name of Flying Stag who had been given the Moon Stone by his grandfather. Prior to obtaining the amulet, Flying Stag was a disillusioned ex-con and veteran who never expressed interest in his heritage, much to this disappointment of his father. Jon returned home to attend the funeral of his father and was chastised by his grandfather who gave him the Moon Stone in the hopes his grandson would do well by it. During his time, Super Chief II helped found a new JLA with Firestorm, Firehawk, and Ambush Bug. Super Chief II battled the villain Skeets and was killed when he was sent back to the era of the original Super Chief. Now in ghost form, the original Super chief took back the Moon stone, telling Jon that magic was to be taken very seriously. Disappointed with himself, Jon disappeared amongst the clouds.

    The writer of the series, Grant Morrison had hoped to insert a coda for the Super Chief in the last issue, but due to the pages of the book being cut to 40 from 52, he was unable to. He has suggested however the return of Super Chief in the future.

    Powers and Abilities

    Power of the Moon Stone
    Power of the Moon Stone

    Immortal due to the extended exposure to the meteorite, the original Super Chief Flying Stag was also able to fly. The bearer of the Moon Stone possesses super strength and super speed of which they would have access to once every 24 hours for approximately one hour. John Standing Bear had the same powers, but was unfortunately not immortal.


    Citizenship: Native American

    Marital Status: Married/Widowed

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Eyes: Grey

    Hair: Black


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