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When Henry Cabot Henhouse III puts on his costume and drinks his special sause, he becomes the one, the only: Super Chicken!


 He and his sidekick, Fred, can be seen traveling in his Super Coop, chanting his war-call.

The Super Sauce

  Henry would take a swig of his "Super Sauce," often from a martini glass, in order to change into "Super Chicken". But, the sauce was never the same. One time Fred added too much corn starch, and the sauce had to be eaten with a spoon. Another time, it was 'instant super sauce,' which needed water. Henry would often have a violent reaction moments after drinking the "Super Sauce," always stopping in mid-sentence as the reaction hit him.  


 Although it was called "Super sauce", he would have no discernible powers. However, on many occasions, Fred asked why he didn't use his "super-vision". Henry would reply something to the accord of, "If I had any supervision, do you think I'd be running around dressed like this?"

The Super Chicken Theme Lyrics

When you find yourself in danger,
When you're threatened by a stranger,
When it looks like you will take a lickin', (cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck)
There is someone waiting who
Will hurry up and rescue you,
just call- for Super Chicken! (cluck, awk!)

Fred, if you're afraid, you'll have to overlook it,
Besides you knew the job was dangerous when you took it! (cluck, awk!)

He will drink his super sauce
And throw the bad guys for a loss
And he will bring them in, alive and kickin' (cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck)
There is one thing you should learn
When there is no one else to turn to
Call- for Super Chicken! (cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck)
Call...for Super Chicken! (cluck, awk!)


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