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    The Super-American an "average" American soldier from the year 2350, who was sent back in time to help fight off the Axis Powers during World War II.

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    Fiction House

    In 1941, scientist Allan Bruce developed the Chronopticon, a machine that allowed him to view the future and communicate across time. He reached the 23rd century, a time when everyone has superpowers. With the threat of Hitler looming in Europe, he pleaded with the future American president to send some help. So the Super-American was sent back in time to help fight off the Axis Powers during World War II.

    The Super-American fell into the public domain after most comic book superheroes were discontinued at the end of the Golden Age of Comic Books.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Project: Superpowers/Black Terror

    The Super-American is seen alongside a team of patriotic super-heroes consisting of American Eagle, Man of War, The Flag, and The Liberator. Together called The Patriots, who protect President Gene West from Black Terror's assault.


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